Epic DIY Wedding At The Engine Shed in Lincoln

Laura and Joe’s spectacular colour filled epic DIY wedding at the Engine Shed in Lincoln.

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‘You sound crazy. We like that.’  This was Laura’s opening line when she emailed me about photographing her and Joe’s wedding.  I love Laura and Joe they’re crazy. We hit it off from the start. They don’t do things normally. Their wedding was almost entirely diy with vinyl record bowls, bunting made from old record sleeves, fake tattoo transfers for the guests and a guitar guest book called Evelyn. There were no speeches and no sit down meal it was much more of a party than a wedding. They wanted loads and loads of portraits. I took loads and loads of portraits. Here is their epic DIY wedding at The Engine Shed in Lincoln, a mass explosion of colour and loads of laughs.

Check out Laura’s amazing dress by The Couture Company and her awesome bouquet by Jamball Creations.




‘Yvonne was the best photographer I could have ever hoped for on my big day she was fun and friendly and we got on like a house on fire. The photographs are beautiful and we will cherish them forever..’

Laura & Joe



PINPINcomposite of blue haired groom and best manPINpink haired bride arrives in a white 4x4PINpink haired bride satnding next to a binary wallPINclose up of Jamball handmade bouquetPINportraits of pink haired bridePINpink haired bride arrives at the ceremony with her dadPINblack and white composite of wedding ceremonyPINcolourful composite of confettit throwingPINblue haired groom and pink haired bride laugh at confetti thrwoingPINcomposite of bride greeting various wedding guestsPINbride hugging her granPINlittle brdiesmaid sitting all alone on a bench looking fed upPINbrdie and groom close up in an archway at Lincoln registery officePINclose up of bride and grooms faces looking directly up in to the lensPINbride and groom kiss next to a binary wallPINcheeky groom next to his brides bouquetPINlandscape veiw of brdie and groom near a binary wall and housePINpink ahired bride and blue haired groom hug and laughPINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 168PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 169PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 170PINpink haired bride and blue haired groom stand next to a dark grey wallPINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 172PINa cyclist rides past bride and groom as portrait is takenPINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 174PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 175PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 176PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 177PINpink haired bride pretends to chin her blue haired groom with her handmade bouquetPINwide portrait at the library in LincolnPINbride and groom reflection in Lincoln canalPINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 181PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 182PINhandmade bunting made from old album covers hanging in the hall att the engine roomPINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 184PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 185PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 186PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 187PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 188PINgruops of gruests throwing buttons in to the airPINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 190PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 191PINbride and groom eating and enjoying their wedding cakePINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 193PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 194PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 195PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 196PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 197PINthe most random forst dance ever groom spins the bride round and roundPINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 200PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 201PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 202PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 203PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 204PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 205PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 206PINALTERNATIVE_WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHER_LINCOLN 207PIN

  • Laura (the bride) - Yvonne was the best photographer I could have ever hoped for on my big day she was fun and friendly and we got on like a house on fire. The photographs are beautiful and we will cherish them forever thank you so much lxReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you for your lovely words. I loved your wedding it was such fun and you and Joe are the most adorable peeps in the world xxReplyCancel

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