Alternative Engagement Shoot Derby

Olivia and Simon’s Alternative Engagement Shoot.

Veggies, Felafal and adventures in the woods with two bonkers dogs.




Thank you so much for the photos! We just love them! There are so many I can’t wait to get framed and on the wall, including amazing ones of the boys!! Thank you so much! Xxxxx

P.S. My mum loves all the foody / cooking ones!! (I do too!) xxx

Olivia & Simon



PINPINcouple reading a box of felafalPINfood and a knife on acchopping boardPINgirl reading a cookery book while her dog jumps up at herPINsteam rising from a colander in a sinkPINthree plates of vegan foodPINman in ablue top chopping vegatablesPINclose up of a cocker spanielPINman and woman preparing lunch togetherPINclose up of man chopping red peppersPINcoker spaniel sniffing a door matPINdog qoute sign hanging in a kitchenPINgirl laughing up at the camera from a windowPINman and woman preparing lunch togetherPINman and woman preparing lunch togetherPINfrying felafalPINgirl frying felafalPINdrizzling oil on pitta breadPINgirl sitting at a table laid with vegan foodPINfelafal with green chilliesPINgreen beans and tomatoes on a platePINvegan food on a woden platterPINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 026PINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 027PINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 028PINcouple sitting ata table with food and their dog is look at the foodPINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 030PINdogs just let of their leads make a run for itPINcoker spaneils running on grassPINblonde girl hugs her goldern cocker spanielPINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 034PINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 035PINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 036PINcouple laughing by treesPINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 038PINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 039PINman and cocker spaniel jumpm togetherPINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 041PINcouple photographed using tree trunk as a framePINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 043PINumbrella dn dog leads resting against a treePINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 045PINbalck and white close up of couple hugging and laughingPINroots of a tree thatPINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 048PINclose up of a gril clasping her hands to her chestPINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 050PINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 051PINdogs leap over a log on the groundPINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 053PINdogs running over grassPINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 055PINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 056PINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 057PINdogs getting cleaned in their gardenPINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 060PINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 061PINPORTRAIT_PHOTOGRAPHY_DERBY 059PIN

“I don’t like being photographed.” I hear these words often. But I get it. I hate being photographed too. Most people are apprehensive about being photographed. They feel awkward. Suddenly they forget how to stand, how to relax. They pull silly faces, usually out nervousness. They worry they’ll have a frozen smile or will look like a startled rabbit caught in headlights. These fears are perfectly normal. Alternative engagement shoots are great for people who really really don’t like being photographed as I’ll be photographing you pretty much informally like I will on your wedding day. I won’t be asking you to stand this way or that I’ll just be photographing you being you.

So is an engagement shoot really necessary? I think so and I highly recommend one. It’s important for several reasons. It allows you, as a couple, to get comfortable in front of the camera with me taking your pictures, and helps the three of us figure out how you work best together before the main event. On your wedding day we will have very little time together, no time to learn, it’s your one and only time to get it right. Couples who have these shoots know what to expect on their wedding day from me and from themselves. They feel like a mate rather than a stranger is taking their pictures. The awkwardness has gone and their wedding portraits look and feel natural. Afterwards without fail they say it was worth it, and fun. To book just give me a ring on 07850 651 851


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