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Do you believe a wedding, like life, should be one great big adventure?

It's all about the fun, the food, the music, the love, and having an awesome time with your favourite people and, if they can come, the paws too.

You're doing things your way not the typical way.

So far every website you've visited looks a tad on the McWeddingy side and everyone's wedding looks like everyone else's wedding.

You don’t want boring formal photos and cringe at the thought of being directed into cheesy unnatural poses. You want photos where you recognise you as you. That show how potty you are about each other and how amazing it felt to get married.

From the nerves of the morning to the madness of your friends on the dance floor at night you want photos that show how much fun you all had in one day, as it really happened.



I'm Yvonne.

I take brilliant photos of crazy in love people having a really awesome time as it really happened.

Since 2006 I’ve helped fun-loving, down to earth, couples just like you get authentic, laid-back, one of a kind wedding photography.

I photograph every wedding day from my unique perspective, telling your story as it really happened and spending a teeny bit of time creating some fun and quirky portraits of you. This means that every couple gets something original, real, and unmistakably them.

With tonnes of weddings shot, over 30 years experience as a professional photographer, and some nifty accolades to my name my fun un-McWeddingy photography is loved by couples who are looking for un-conventional wedding photography that really reflects their fun and quirky personalities.


Do you want wedding photography that reminds you of how utterly amazing it felt to get married?

Click "WORK WITH ME' to find out how right now. Or click on one of the picture links below if you'd like to have a peek elsewhere first.

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Get the ball rolling.

Discover how to get your paws on fun laid back wedding photography.