The Highs and Lows of the Bridal Shoe.



Which way do your wedding shoes swing?

Killer heels or flat loving comfort?

I’d love to look elegant in killer heels. If someone can show me how to walk in them without looking like a toddler wearing a heavily soiled nappy I’ll gladly go out and buy a few pairs. My lifestyle isn’t suited to wandering around in a pair of Louboutins. As a photographer I frequently clamber in to awkward places to get my shots, and my free time is taken up with walking dogs and climbing hills. Maybe if I lived a life where high heels were an everyday essential I’d stand a reasonable chance of looking divine. In my teens when I was a punk I managed fine in stilettos and winkle pickers. Where it went wrong I can’t say although back then I was too much of an anarchist to care about how I looked when I walked or to wince at the burning soles and relentless blisters which were simply part of looking cool. Now I can only admire the girls who can carry off those 6-inch heels so gracefully, for me such endeavour would see me flat on my face. At weddings I see the most beautiful shoes worn all day long by women who look so comfortable in them it’s as though they’re chilling out in a spa. Only occasionally you’ll notice the novice heeler secretly rubbing their soles under the table during the wedding breakfast.

Last year I bought myself a floaty boho dress to wear to weddings, deciding my gladiator sandals were too passé I considered my chunky high heeled lace up Victoriana boots, which I can just about managed to sit in, would be an epic choice to wear with it. At the first wedding I wore my dress and boots combo disaster struck. While one of the bridesmaids helped me to round up guests for group shots she was handed a drink. She said to the waiter something along the lines of ‘I’m not sure I should have one just yet I’ll probably spill it down my dress.’ Seconds later I had missed my footing on a step face planted the ground and knocked the bridesmaid’s drink out of her hand with my camera on the way, it went all down her beautiful green silk dress. Was it sods law or had my childhood nickname of Calamity Jane come back to haunt me? Although the latter having more to do with falling out of trees as a tomboy than my inability to stay level in heels.

To all you elegant and graceful lovelies who can carry off the killer heel I salute you. If you’re getting married and have bought or are eyeing up some exquisite yet staggeringly high heeled shoes you’re worry you’ll struggle to get along with fear not just get used to them, break them in over the weeks before your wedding. Don’t fret you’ll develop my ungainly walk, that’s probably more to do with my geezer bird ways, lets face it I’ve never been a terribly girlie girl. Scoot over to my Pinterest board for some epic wedding shoe ideas, and the odd hint of how to give your feet a fighting chance of making it to your first dance unhindered. Me? I’ll stick with my DMs and occasional wedges and try to believe I’m edgy while kidding myself I don’t yearn to look elegant in to die for killer heels.




bride wearing deep blue welligton boots on a mountain pathPIN

“A woman with good shoes

is never ugly.”

Coco Channel

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