• How far will you travel to photograph weddings?
  • I travel all over the UK to photograph weddings so whether you’re getting hitched right on my doorstep or on the Isle of Skye I can be there to photograph you. I offer up to 300 miles travel free, beyond this or if I have to hop on a train or have an overnight stay a small fee will apply.


  • How do we book you?
  • I often take bookings 2 or 3 years in advance so once you have your date and venue sorted contact me. You can give me a ring on 07850 651 851 or send me a message through my contact page and we can meet up for a chat in Nottingham or have a natter on Skype. If you use my contact page and don’t hear back from me within 24 hours though text or ring me as messages can get lost in cyberspace. Bookings are taking on a first come first served basis. The most popular summer days go first. Therefore I can’t hold dates for people without a deposit.


  • We live miles away from you can we book you first then meet up later?
  • Of course you can. Meeting isn’t essential if you know you want to book with me. I take a lot of bookings this way especially when clients live abroad or London, which is also abroad! Or they are just so busy that they don’t want to miss out while waiting to see when we are all free to meet up! It’s not a problem. Meeting in person preferable as I’m going to be with you for almost your whole wedding day so its good to make sure we’ll get along. I’m sure we will though. J But if we can’t meet in person then Skype is good or a good old-fashioned chat on the telephone works just as well.


  • What is your style of photography?
  • My style is alternative and pj. Some photographers refer to it as reportage but I don’t like this term, I prefer pj. No not pajamas silly, photojournalism, it’s telling your wedding story through pictures. We do go off for some epic portraits and I’ll photograph some groups if you’d like them but mostly I’m just photographing all the lovely things I see as they happen or I happen upon them.


  • Do you work with a second shooter?
  • As couples book me for my photographic style it is almost impossible to find someone who matches with my work so I don’t often use a second shooter unless requested. When I do it’s usually for very big weddings and for informal shots only. I also find I focus much better when I work alone.


  •  How long have you been a wedding photographer?
  • I trained as a medical photographer at the OMC in Nottingham, which is a highly skilled photographic profession, at the same time I studied for a City in Guilds in Photography at Southfields College in Leicester over 3 years before qualifying as a professional photographer in 1986. I used to just photograph weddings for family and friends but in 2006 I decided to go full time as a wedding photographer and have photographed hundreds of lovely couples since. I love it. I also have a B.Ed.Hons and I’m a Licentiate of the BPPA a branch of the SWPP. I’m a member of both The RPS and Fearless Photographers. I’m ranked as one of the 100 Best Wedding photographers in the World.


  • Why do you cost more than some of the other photographers we’ve looked at?
  • Wedding photographers prices do vary. Many cost more than me and many cost less. The more experienced, creative and qualified a photographer is the more you’ll to pay for their services. Running a photography business isn’t cheap nor is the cost of living. Full time professional wedding photographers like me will be fully insured, keep up with their training, have the best equipment, which costs a small fortune and often needs replacing or upgrading, and they know how to use it. I know how do deal with poor weather, poor lighting, less than photogenic venues etc and know how to direct you to get the best shots of you. I also work with RAW files and spend many hours after your wedding in post-production. It really is worth splashing out on the best wedding photographer you can afford. Lots of things at your wedding will only last for the day but your wedding photography is one of your first family heirlooms.


  • Why do you recommend a pre-wedding shoot but charge for it when others offer it for free?
  • A pre-wedding shoot is a great time to get to know each other, for you to see how I work on the day and get you used to being in front of the camera. Most people hate being photographed, me included, but I can get the best out of you and make you look awesome in your photographs. It’s good practice too as the day of your wedding isn’t the time to learn how feel comfortable in front of the lens. I love the pre-wedding shoot because most clients end up loving it too and say they can’t wait to be photographed on their wedding day. It’s really good fun. I used to include it for free but found that although everyone found it of benefit it was hard to pin people down to a time we could all do it. People wanted weekends and of course what am I doing at weekends? I’m photographing lovely couples on their wedding days. It was often done with limited time. I consider the pre-wedding shoot so important I felt it was best to offer it as a dedicated shoot where we take time off during the week have a trip out somewhere together and really get to know each other well before the big day. When we pay for something we value it more. We don’t just make room for it we try harder to make the most of it. It’s not a money making scam on my behalf it really is best way to get the most out of your wedding photography on the day as remember you’ll spend more time with me on the day than any other wedding vendor you book. You get lots of lovely images out of it and some folks have the images from the shoot printed in a book for guests to sign or have a print mounted behind board so that guests can sign around it.


  • When will our wedding images be ready?
  • Depending on workload your images are usually ready around 4 – 6 weeks after your wedding but a few days after your wedding I usually post a few to Facebook for you. When all your images are ready I’ll send you a lovely USB in the post and also put up an online gallery so all your family and friends can see your fab wedding day. If you are having an album it will take a little longer as it needs to be designed, approved and lovingly made.


  • Do we get all our wedding images?
  • I include high-resolution jpegs on a USB of all the best images, usually 300-400 images depending on the length of time I’ve spent at your wedding. I spend a lot of time editing your images so that they have a certain look.


  • Can we print from the USB and do we get the copyright?
  • I retain the copyright but you can print from the USB. The only thing you can’t do is gain from the images financially or use them commercially i.e. you can’t sell any images or for example allow them to be published in a magazine. Print away though, the files are big so go mahoosive. If you’d like to use them on social media sites like Facebook please credit me and add a link back to my website yvonnelishmanphotography.co.uk then when your lovely friends get married they know how to find me. Crafty yet clever!


  • Can we have the RAW files?
  • I only provide the jpeg images. The RAW files are like the old fashioned version of the negative. Photographers never give their negatives away. So they’re mine all mine. Mwahahahahaha.


  • Do you do group photography as there’s not much of it on your website?
  • Lots of couples don’t bother with groups anymore but I usually suggest around 4 when they do. Groups are really important if only to keep the rents happy but you don’t want to do too many as guest get fed up. All they want to do is have a good time and party they don’t want to listen to me asking them to stand in particular places and to smile for the camera. Nominate someone you know to be good at herding kittens! A shepherd perhaps! A best man or usher who knows who is in the groups would be good, someone confident who’s not afraid to shout stuff like ‘Oi you lot ger’over here naaaw.’It can be a good idea to put a note in your order of service to say who is required for groups as we do them straight after the ceremony. All of this helps me get through your groups quickly as it’s unlikely I’ll know the people you’d like photographing.


  • Do we need to provide you with a meal on the wedding day?
  • Generally I bring my own food unless I’ve had to have an overnight stay before your wedding. I’m vegan and I appreciate my diet can make it awkward for caterers. I don’t like the thought of putting people to a lot of trouble on my behalf so if your caterers aren’t clued up on the world of veganism I can give you some info for them. A soft drink or 2 throughout the day is always welcome too as I frequently forget to drink! Durr!




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