'They are perfect, so so amazing! We laughed, cried and aaaaahed our way through them all! You are totally amazing.' Becca + Joe

Are you planning your day around the people, the music, the food and the fun? Do you dream of amazing photos of people having a brilliant time as it really happened?

And you want the best wedding photographer for the job!

Well that's Awesome!

Because you’re in the right place.

And I’m really happy you’re here.
girl downing a drink to the cheers of wedding guests

Real. Unposed. Informal. Fun.

You’re down to earth and love to laugh. Formal stuff bores you. You’re planning your wedding around your favourite people, the food and the music. You likely love animals and being connected to nature. Outdoor weddings are often your thing. Your day isn’t about material things or keeping up with the Kardashians. It’s about fun, love and laughter. How it felt to be there.

I shoot fun laid-back wedding photography for couples who love life. I’ll photograph your day just as it happened. I’m not that photographer who takes your shoes off on a little fashion shoot or hangs your dress in a tree. If I happen to photograph your shoes you’ll be wearing them or will have kicked them off in a corner somewhere. Because let’s face it you’ve got better things to do with your feet.

You want photos of real people doing real things.


Yvonne, it's months now since our wedding But we'll never get bored of the photos.

craig + Jess

I'll photograph all the things that makes your wedding yours and no one else's.

The fun. The hugs. The tears. The laughter. The mischief.

We'll spend a little time on some fun and quirky portraits together, after all you're going to be looking pretty damn fine in your bad ass gear. But they won’t take long to do, your guests are unlikely to notice you’ve gone, I'm not into high-jacking your day.

A few days after your wedding I’ll send you a little preview of your day for you to share with your mates. All your pictures will be ready for you to download around six weeks after your wedding, all lovingly edited by me.

All I ask is that you

be you


'There is only one word that can be used....EPIC!!! We're over the moon with the pictures. Thank you for being part of our day and capturing us as us.'

tash + phil

there's a price to pay for all this epicness of course. I ain't no charity! lol. Nudge the Prices button to get the low down on your hoedown.