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‘It is more important

to click with people

than to click the shutter.’

Alfred Eisenstaedt


I expect like me you’re creative and unconventional, even a bit eccentric. You find lots to laugh about and love conversations. Photography’s important to you and while you’re happy your guests will be photographing your wedding all day long on their iPhones, and maybe you’ve got chums with super duper cameras too, you want the best wedding photographer for the job, a quirky and creative one, not in the least traditional, and one you’ll get along with like a mate.

You don’t really mind if the sun fails to shine on your wedding day or that your wedding dress may get muck on the hem, what you’re interested in is having a brilliant day where you and your guests have a blast. What’s really important is that you LOVE each other and can’t wait to be married and you want your pictures to tell the story of your amazing wedding day exactly as it was. You don’t want to stand in fake poses or for your guests to have to hang around for hours while the photographer shoots group after group. You want images that will still make you smile in years to come when you look at them and remember how happy and excited you were on your wedding day. You don’t want them to look cheesy or dated. You want something different to the norm and are prepared to try something off beat, to dedicate a little bit of time on your day to get unique and perfectly you portraits. If climbing up windy hillsides, jumping on muddy farmyard trailers, running across ploughed fields or down city streets in the pouring rain get the best shots on your wedding day you’re up for that. If your wedding cake falls to the floor when you cut it you’ll most likely laugh your heads off. If the tipi fills with rain on a British summers day you’ll roll up your trouser legs and hitch up your dress and ask the guests to do the same. You’re laid back. You’re cool. You’re YOU.

If this sounds like you then pick up the phone, let’s have a chat; the three of us were made for each other.

Yvonne x

PS check out my prices page, you might find you’re having one of the weddings of my dreams on my wedding bucket list in which case there is a special offer in it for you.



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