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My top ten tips for looking like a God damn legend on your wedding day.

Girls, avoid beauty malfunctions by planning ahead to ensure you're killing it on your most important day.

red haired bride wearing red lipstick yelling at the camera

Already stressing you’ll be late for the ceremony? Chill out! No thrombo required.

1. Take your time

bride and bridesmaids all helping ach other to get ready

The time you spend getting ready should be fun and chilled out. If you start to fall behind schedule you’ll just get stressed. Whether you’re doing your own makeup or having it professionally done allow for 30% more time for hair & makeup than you think you’ll need since this is the part of your day that leads to the most delays. You know for little instances like when the florist turns up and wants to tell you how to hold and care for you flowers. Might only be 10 minutes of your time but that’s 10 minutes you may not have factored in.

2. Doing your own make-up?

blond bride sitting down doing her make up with two female friends laughing at someone out of shot

A lot of my brides love to do their own hair and makeup and if you are one of those lovelies you’ll know how long to give yourself for being on time & looking flippin’ marvellous. However don’t guestimate. Do some practice runs with your stopwatch running so you can time yourself properly.

3. Getting the Pros in?

bride sitting by an open window having her make up applied

If you’re having a pro do your lippy on the day be sure to have a hair & make-up trial at least a month before your wedding for peace of mind. Make sure to snap a few images after your session to check all elements, from makeup, to hair, to dress, to jewellery, are a perfect match & fabulously photogenic. Also ask your makeup artist how long it will take to have you and everyone else that is being made up on the day ready. Again get in the buffer zone and factor in that extra time.

4. Prefer to be pale & Interesting?!

boy being shown glitter in his face in a mirror

Even if you’re not used to wearing makeup make an exception for your wedding day, it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. You Tube has some amazing videos on how to DIY Bridal makeup. And to prepare for every lighting scenario, apply makeup in natural light.

5. Turn off artificial lights.

portrait of bride by a window and reflected in a mirror as her mum fastens up her wedding dress

Natural light is always the best and most flattering for photography. Turn of any artificial light in the room when you’re getting ready and sit by window light. Turning of artificial lights kills the bizarre colour casts and strange shadows it creates. A good makeup artist will sit you by a window, unless you’re getting ready in a windowless cupboard that is. Window light is also directional and makes for insanely beautiful photos.  

6. Waterworks.

bride crying and her bridesmaid hods a tissue up to her eye for her

Even if you’re not an overly emotional soul there may well be tears, or rain, so waterproof mascara is a must.

7. To updo or not updo!

bride photographed though a hole in a door having her hair put up

If you’ve never had an updo, ever, you don’t need an updo! It’s not a legal requirement for marriage. You won’t look like you. Wear your hair how it suits you. If that’s down wear it down. If it’s a fancy pants plat wear it in a fancy pants plat. If it’s short and it’s always short don”t start growing it for your wedding. You’ll likely have it all cut off again afterwards and you’ll think who the hell is that long-haired person in your photographs.

8. Frame that face.

Even if you’ve never had your eyebrows shaped in your life have them professionally done for your wedding. Your brows frame your face. Have some test runs a few months before the big day with enough time for regrowth in case the look isn’t quite right. Then a week before your big day book an appointment to have them done. This will mean any post-waxing or threading redness has time to calm down.

9. Bronzed Goddess!

bride getting ready by a window while her bridesmaid applies tan to her legs

If you’re having a spray tan make sure you go to your makeup trial with the tan you’re planning on having. Suddenly having a tan on the day will change your makeup look. Have a few practice tans first in the weeks leading up to your wedding. A natural sun-kissed look is better than look everyone I’ve been tangoed! That orange glow, without wishing to sound rude, looks a mare in your weddings photos especially when you’re standing next to your less than orange partner. And if you’re DIYing it don’t forget your feet, if your wedding shoes are strappy it could look like you sunbathed in your socks otherwise! Eeeek!

10. Get a good nights sleep

woman sleeping an a bed under a red duvet

Aim for those recommended 8 hours a night. And not just the night before your wedding. Wedding planning can be stressful so always allow for time for yourself and for sleep. The night before your wedding delegate any jobs that haven’t been done to others. Have a lovely hot soak in a candle lit lavender oil scented bath and hit the sack in good time. You want to look bright eyed and bushy tailed for your big day.

girl in a dressing gown sipping champagne from a glass her mum is holding

Remember the key to getting ready on time and looking switz woo is all about planning. Have timed practice runs, and then add buffer time. Not allowing enough time to get ready is the main reason ceremonies and the rest of the day fall behind and can keep you stressed and in thrombo mode for much of the day. Factor in the time, and have a chilled out morning with a tad of Prosecco.

little boy brushing his teeth outdoors

From an early age boys simply learn to wing it! Nuff said!

Back to wedding planning.

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