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You are you, unique and fun and down to earth. You do things your way not the predictable way.

And I only work with couples just like you.

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You want a photographer who gets you.

Formal groups shots with forced smiles, cheesy portraits, pictures of shoes on windowsills, the generic wedding rings placed on the bestman’s palm, your bouquet photographed in a dozen different locations just doesn’t cut it with you.

It’s about the fun, the food, the music, and having a blast with your favourite people. You want photos of everyone having an awesome time as it really happened, photos that show you as you.

Photos to hang all round your house so that you can feel the happiness, the excitement, the fun of your wedding all over again every time you look at them and anytime you want to. Not just pictures you’ll love next year and the year after but for all your days.

You need a photographer who gets you. Who fits in. Like a sort of bezzie mate photographer with a totally epic camera. One who’s fun and friendly and down to earth, who takes awesome, creative and joyful pictures and who just lets you get on with your day, stress free, hassle free, unhindered.

Awesome! You’re in the right place and I’m really happy you’re here.

I'm not your typical wedding photographer.

I’m Yvonne, a friendly, animal crazy, down to earth photographer with a silly sense of humour and I don’t know how to be anyone else. Since 2006 I’ve helped tonnes of you fun-loving couples just like you get beautiful, joyful, laid-back, one of a kind wedding photography that shows how amazing it is to get married and how much fun you can have in one day.


I'm the traditional wedding photographer's

bete noire!

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With over 30 years’ experience as a professional photographer, 13 of them running Yvonne Lishman Photography, and some pretty cool accolades to my name, my fun un-McWeddingy photography is loved by couples who are looking for wedding photography that shows them as them and their day as it really happened.

Most of the time I’ll photograph your day as it unfolds, the real day, unorchestrated. So if I happen to photograph your shoes you’ll be wearing them or will have kicked them off in a corner somewhere because let’s face it you’ve got better things to do with your feet like dancing or paddling in the sea.

From the excited giggles of the morning to the madness of your friends on the dance floor at night I'll photograph all the fun and mischief to show what your day really felt like. Beautiful and honest story telling photos where you recognise yourselves as you and help you relive how wonderful it felt to get married. It’s your time to kick back, chill out and have a blast. Easy peasy!

Your guests will presume I’m one of them as I chat with them and laugh with them and sneak pictures here and there. Someone is bound to ask how long we've been friends, it’s a given, and shows my un-McWeddingy scheme is working, and it always makes my heart sing.

We'll create some fun and quirky portraits together too because you'll be looking epic and brilliant in your top notch gear. But these won’t be conventional or formal, I don't pose you, I'm ace at sussing out what works for your personality, and letting you be you. They won’t take long to do either so your guests are unlikely to notice you’ve gone.

If you're after formal group shots, I'm not the girl for you. I take around 3 to 4 small informal groups, like you hugging your gran, you know she's gonna want this for her mantelpiece. Nothing forced. Nothing fake. I photograph real people doing real things. The stuff that makes your wedding yours and no one else's.




And then there's those moments when you think no one's looking!

I LOVED having Yvonne as my photographer for my wedding.

One of the best decisions I made when planning my big day. She made the whole experience relaxed and allowed lots of opportunities to get to know myself and my husband to allow her to take the best photos on the day. The engagement shoot gave us the change to get used to the camera before the big day but also gave us some beautiful photos to keep as well. The photos from the wedding were FANTASTIC! I could not have asked or imagined for better photos. They are absolutely beautiful and captured our day perfectly!!! I CANNOT recommend Yvonne more highly.
Jill + Adam

A few days after your wedding I’ll post a little preview of your day on social media for you to share with your favs. All your pictures will be ready for you to download around six weeks after your wedding, all edited for longevity and not in some current trendy style. And because your images should always be printed you’ll also receive a selection of gorgeous matted fine art prints to get that wall collection rolling.

And just in case you think you’re rubbish at pictures

I'll show you how to rock all of the socks.

We can book in a date well before your wedding for you to have an engagement shoot. We'll get together, I'll shout you a cuppa and cake, and I’ll take some super fun pictures of you being you. Come to me and you get a hefty discount on the going rate! In the words of Bruce Willis, kind of, ‘Come to Nottingham, we’ll get together, have a few laughs.’

My couples find these shoots soooooo helpful. Taking the time to get to know you, what you tell me about yourselves and observing how you interact as a couple is how I get fun, natural portraits of you on your wedding day that look like you didn’t know you were being photographed at all, how I get them done quickly, and how any apprehension you have about being photographed disappears. You'll feel like a mate has turned up to photograph your day and you won’t give a second thought to me being there. Sneaky strategic stuff eh?!

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What's the damage? The $! The Dosh! The Dough!

All this splendid goodness can be yours from just £1600.

Ready to book your shindig?

1. Schedule a time to meet up in person or next best thing on Skype or FaceTime. We can chat about all things you and Un-McWeddingy weddingy.

2. If we fit like Cinderella’s sparkly shoes we’ll get you booked and your date saved. I’ll send you a booking form and when you’ve paid your booking fee everything is officially official.