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Booking me as your wedding photographer.

The low-down. Oh my goodness. Do you know how exciting it is when a couple contacts me about photographing their wedding? It’s one of the best feelings in the world. I love weddings, photograp...

The low-down.

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Oh my goodness. Do you know how exciting it is when a couple contacts me about photographing their wedding? It’s one of the best feelings in the world. I love weddings, photographing them is the best job in the world. And when couples love my style of wedding photography and want me over anyone else to photograph their day it’s so humbling. I know too they’re going to be fun loving and down to earth so we’re already on to a winning combo.

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If I’m free for your date I’ll ping you a reply and my price list, which lets you know what you get for your dosh and also allows you to see the different options I offer.

Then we arrange to meet up. Either in person at a cafe local to me, where I shout you tea and cake, or as most couples prefer via a video chat online. We chat about all things weddingy, what you get up to when you’re not planning weddings, how much time you spend looking at silly animal clips on Facebook, all that kind of malarkey. It’s how we find out if we love each other and how much you love bona fide fun wedding photography of folks having a really awesome time as it really happened..

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Most couples book there and then but a few like to have a bit of a think. If you’re in the bit of think camp I can’t hold your date without a booking form and a £500 booking fee but I give you 7 days to have a think and get back to me. In the meantime, as can happen, should another couple contact me about the same date as yours I’ll let you know.

To book me simply let me know by email or give me a call and I’ll ping over a booking form and booking fee invoice along with my T&Cs contract. Once paid, signed and returned, I’m all yours and no one else can have your date. You can decide at this time too, or leave it until later if you prefer, if you’d like to book an engagement shoot or order a wedding album.

I’ll send you a lovely little information pack in the post, then check in with you now and then to see how things are going or to arrange a date for your engagement shoot if you decide to book one. Mostly I just leave you to get on with all things wedding planning but am free for you to contact me at any stage if you have any photography related stuff you’d like to ask.

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A couple of months before your big day I’ll send you a questionnaire to gather timings and addresses or any surprises you’ve planned for your day. Your photography balance is due 4 weeks before you wedding and I’ll send you the invoice for that at the time I send out the questionnaire so you have time to gather up the spondoolas.

The week before your wedding I’ll drop you a quick email or ring for a catch up chat just to make sure that everything is still as you said it would be in your questionnaire.

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On your wedding day I’ll arrive with you about 1 and half hours before your ceremony, a bit earlier if we have some travel time between your getting ready address and your ceremony address. With the exception of your portraits and any group shots you might like I’ll photograph your day exactly as I see it without troubling you. Nothing staged. No taking your valuable dress off on a fashion shoot. I tend to stay until a few dances after your first dance, if you’re having one, if not for about 30 minutes in to the partying and dancing. But I don’t clock watch, especially when everyone is up and dancing.

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After your wedding I back up all the pictures I’ve taken and a few days later edit a handful for you to share on social media if you want to. Then around 6 weeks after your wedding, sometimes sooner sometimes later depending on my workload at the time, summer months being especially busy, I’ll edit your images and load them up to a private gallery for you to download and print and share with your friends and family. I’ll then post your USB out to you.

Some couples like to purchase a wedding album and I offer epic fine art wedding albums from Folio Albums. However, my favourite way to show off wedding images is by having them printed for putting in frames and displaying in your home. Then you can look at and relive your awesome wedding day every day rather than hiding the photos in an album that gets looked at only sometimes. Some couples have both. I’ve discovered though that a few couples leave their wedding images on their computers never printing them at all!!!! What!!!! This makes me sad. Please print them. Display them. Live your beautiful day again every time you look at them. Remember how amazing it felt to be there.

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I donate a percentage of my profits to Ashbourne Animal Welfare aka The Ark so when you book me you’re helping to make the lives of some little furry dudes very very happy!

If you’d like to find out more about booking me as your wedding photographer feel free to ping me a note through my contact page or get in touch directly on

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