Q. Do you photograph weddings outside of Nottingham and the East Midlands?
A. Yes. My base is in Nottingham but my wedding photography takes me all over the UK.

Q. We love your style. What sort is it?
A. It’s just evolved really, I suppose it’s retro meets old movies. It’s pretty alternative & unconventional. It centres around my clients personalities firstly, and the way I use light. If you love my photography and it seems lots different to others you’ve seen then my style is your style too. Yay!

Q. Did you study photography at Uni?
A. Kind of. I trained as medical photographer at the OMC in Nottingham and attended Southfields College in Leicester part time for 3 years, which was part of Leicester University at the time, and qualified as a professional photographer. I’ve also got an Honours degree in Education so if the 3 Rs' features in your wedding your in safe hands!

Q. We really want you to photograph our wedding but you’re out of our price range; can you do us a deal?
A. I’m really sorry but I don’t negotiate on price for one thing it wouldn’t be fair to the clients who have paid full price for my services. If you really want to book me but your budget won’t quite stretch I offer photography gift vouchers which you can put on your wedding list, if your having one, and guests can buy them from me which then goes towards your wedding photography. Wouldn’t you prefer some lovely wedding photography to a bale of towels? Also remember your wedding photography is the only tangible memory left after your wedding day is over so it’s worth investing in a professional photographer whose work you love and want as your own.

Q. Why do some photographers offer options that cover the whole day and give you all the images on CD for £400?
A. Photographers prices vary and it’s often down to expertise and experience. The more experienced, creative and qualified a photographer is the more you should expect to pay. Some cheaper photographers are part time hobbyists who simply want to make a few extra squids at the weekend or are just starting out and want to build up experience. Full time professional photographers are fully insured, keep up with their training, have the best equipment, which often needs replacing, and they know how to use it. They know how do deal with poor weather, poor lighting, less than photogenic venues etc and know how to get the best out of you. Also professionals working with RAW files spend many hours after the wedding in post-production, and the software that is used doesn’t come cheap either. There are so many reasons why photographers’ prices vary. The best way to deal with the differences is find a photographer whose work you love, who you get along with, as remember you’ll spend more time with them than any other wedding vendor you book, who offers quality over quantity and who is obviously an expert in their field.

Q. I don’t look good in photographs can we skip the pre-wedding shoot and just do the wedding photography on the day?
A. That’s precisely why you should have a pre-wedding shoot. It’s a great time to get to know each other, see how I work on the day and get you used to being in front of the camera. Most people hate being photographed, me included, but a skilled photographer can get the best out of you and make you look amazing in your photographs. It’s good practice too as the day of your wedding isn’t the time to learn how to stand for the camera. I love the pre-wedding shoot because most clients end up loving it too and say they can’t wait to be photographed on their wedding day. It’s really good fun, besides which it’s free. Some folks have the images printed in a book as a guest-signing book or have a print mounted behind board so that guests can sign around it.

Q. How do we book you?
A. After an initial consultation in person, by telephone or Skype should you choose to book with me bookings are taken on a first come first served basis and secured with a £350 deposit and a singed booking form. Once signed and sealed I’m yours. Once you have your date and venue sorted out I wouldn’t hang around long though if you want a good photographer or one whose style you really admire. The best photographers get booked up quickly. I often take bookings 2 or 3 years in advance. Saturdays too are the most popular day for weddings and at certain times of the year they go like wildfire. So when you know who you want to photograph your wedding ‘Book 'em Danno.’

Q. We live miles away from you can we book you first then meet up later?
A. Of course you can. Meeting isn’t essential if you know you want to book with me. I take a lot of bookings this way especially when clients live abroad or London, which is also abroad! Or they are just so busy that they don’t want to miss out while waiting to see when we are all free at the same time to meet up! It’s not a problem. Book first; meet later. Sounds like a plan.

Q. Do we get all our wedding images on CD?
A. I include a high resolution CD of all the images, which will appear on your online gallery, with every option. I make a selection of the best from the day, quality over quantity. If someone walks in front of my lens at the wrong moment do you really want a blurred image of the back of their head?

Q. Can we print from the CD?
A. Yes. You can print from the CD but can’t gain from it financially by selling images or use the images commercially i.e. allow them to be published in a magazine for example without my permission first and without crediting me. But print away. The files are big too so go mahoosive. Init!

Q. When will our images be ready to view?
A. Depending on workload they are usually ready between 2 and 3 weeks after your wedding and viewed on a password protected online gallery, where you and your guests can view and order images.

Q. Do we need to provide you with a meal on the wedding day?
A. No. My assistant photographer and I always bring our own food. We think it very kind when folks offer but we quite like the time to eat our own sarnies and have a butchers at the wedding photographs we’ve already taken. A soft drink or 2 throughout the day is always welcome though as we frequently forget to drink until our heads are banging – pair of pilchards! If an over night stay were required the night before your wedding then a meal would be welcome as our sandwiches do tend to develop new life forms when left in the car for over a day, and an odd smell. Ehhh!

Yvonne Lishman B.Ed Hons LBPPA ~ Stellar Wedding Photographer For The Unconventional.

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