Family and friends say I'm not all there. So where the hell’s the rest of me? I laugh at inappropriate things at inappropriate times; like my dress billowing up round my head at a wedding and everyone seeing my knickers, and a bit more besides. I couldn’t stop laughing but many of the guests fell ill; I don’t wear dresses like that anymore. If I wasn’t for the tiny detail of already being married I'd be married to Jason Orange. It’s true. Or Eddie Izzard. Or Rufus Sewell. Pugs and cats are brilliant and I love mine so much it's a wonder my lips aren't all hairy from the numerous times I kiss them on their heads. My pug can smile, and my cats purr a lot but Eddie Izzard thinks cats are secretly drilling! I have eclectic tastes in music and listen to Radio 3, Punk Rock, Jake Bugg, and Shirley Bassey, although I'm currently in love with Miles Kane. Top Gear and The Superbike racing are the reason John Logie Baird invented the TV; he was a great psychic. I’ve seen Die Hard six million times and Sense and Sensibility about the same. The potato crisp is mans single greatest invention and the olive his greatest discovery; both are my waistlines downfall. I saw a duck sleeping at the side of a pond once, it was dreaming; I've wondered ever since what it was dreaming about!

But what care you of me when there’s you my peeps! Ring! Ring! Let me know how you met; your lovely love story and fab wedding plans. In the words of Bruce Willis, kind of, ‘Come to Nottingham, we’ll get together, have a few laughs.’

Yvonne x

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