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Elegant 1930s vintage style Wedding Photography

Kilworth House Lutterworth


When the Shelby GT 500 Holly had secretly booked for Matt turned up to take him to the ceremony, Matt announced before even marrying Holly, ‘I have the best wife in the world.’

If you’ve read my pre-wedding shoot post with Holly and Matt you’ll know how much I love them. They are so warm and funny and seem never to stop laughing. Like little fluffy kittens they make me go awwwwwwww. They’ve been together for over 10 years and yet their love seems brand new. Oh sooooo beautiful.

Holly is a Stylist, her work is beautiful and takes her all over the world. I knew that her wedding to Matt at Kilworth House in Lutterworth would be stylish, perfectly planned and designed. From Holly’s beautiful handmade beaded dress to Matt’s silk lined suit with their names and wedding date embroidered inside to the intricately detailed table settings, the champagne fountain and the letting go of 100 balloons in to the sky it was an elegant 1930s style wedding that was full of laughter and fun all day long. Holly and Matt didn’t want any part of the day to fall silent either so music featured throughout form the incredible vintage vocalist Simon Partridge to the piano player through dinner and the evening band with Matt’s sister as the singer.

wedding champagne towerPIN



‘Mwah! You’re the best photographer we could have asked for!’

Holly and Matt



wedding photography lutterworthPIN

groom looking at prestent from bridePINgroom looking at prestent from bridePINgroom holding moneyPINHM_031PINHM_033PINwatching the Shelby arrivePINgroom excited about his wedding carPINgroom with his wedding carPINgroom reflected in car mirrorPINgroom photographing the Shelby signaturePINgroom and men having a pre wedding drinkPINHM_063PINgroom and men having a pre wedding drinkPINHM_064PINnames on typewriterPINbridal preparationsPINbridal preparationsPINbridal preparationsPINbridal preparationsPINbride portraitPINHM_103PINbridal preparationsPINbridal preparationsPINbridal preparationsPINbridal preparationsPINbrdie and dad walk up aislePINwedding ceremonyPINHM_143PINwedding ceremonyPINwedding ceremonyPINHM_164PINHM_169PINHM_171PINbride and groom laughing while they sign the registerPINPINwedding drinksPINman holding a cigarettePINwalking through confettiPINfirst married kissPINconfetti cone on the groundPINpage boys shoesPINpage boyPINHM_198PINHM_218PINgroup letting balloons goPINballoons in the skyPINcanapesPINtoy footballersPINHM_244PINPINPINcouple wedding portraitPINbridal portraitPINbride and bridesmaidsPINbride with her dadPINwedding shoesPINcouple wedding portraitPINcouple wedding portraitPINcouple wedding portraitPINPINbestmand reading through speechPINgroom and usherPINgroom with menPINPINgrooms mens chattingPINdetail of wedding suitPINcorsagePINbride sitting on grooms mens kneesPINBride with Simon Partridge elegant vocalsPINbrides shoesPINbrides placematPINbride and groom enter wedding breakfast roomPINpage boy in sun glassesPINbride and groom singingPINPINtable detailsPINtable detailsPINclose up of wedding place matPINwedding speechesPINwedding speechesPINHM_466PINmhPINwedding speechesPINwedding speechesPINhm2PINcutting the wedding cakePINgroom and best friend hugPINushers badgePINbride and groom pour wedding champagne towerPINwedding champagne towerPINwedding champagne towerPINtoast master toasting bride and groomPINusher with champagnePINchampagne cork on the groundPINHM_586PINwedding guest wearing silly glassesPINpage boy on the dance floorPINfirst dancePINfirst dancePINfirst dancePINfirst dancePINbride dancing at the weddingPINdancing at the wedding man yellingPINman dancing at the wedding with and old ladyPINband playing at weddingPINHM_661PINgroom light by off camera flash on the dance floorPINguest pulling a silly face and couple kissing in the backgroundPINgroom sings while dancing with bridePINdancing at the weddingPINbride dancing at the weddingPINbride and friend dancingPINdancing at the weddingPINfestoon lightsPIN

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