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‘Is photography art? No it isn’t art. Is painting art? No it isn’t art. It’s whether the people doing it are artists or not.’ David Bailey



Little Ol’ Me, and my approach to your wedding photography.

I love being a wedding photographer and feel humbled that I’m given the opportunity to travel all over the UK to photograph wonderful weddings for amazing couples. Your wedding photography is important to me and in the lead up to your wedding we will have spent time chatting and meeting so that when the day arrives you feel you have a friend beside you, someone you are at ease with. At your wedding my approach is to photograph your day unobtrusively and as it unfolds. I’m not the kind of wedding photographer who’ll boss you around or get under your feet. I don’t come along with the idea that all bases must be covered because I don’t shoot for coverage, this wouldn’t tell your wedding story. You are unique; your wedding is unique why should your wedding photography be the same as anyone else’s? I love to photograph the ordinary every day things I see around me, to find beauty in the places others wouldn’t look. I don’t conform to rules and set traditions. My couples are frequently like me. I’m creative. I love conversations. I seem to find lots to laugh about. I’m myself.

Things I love…..

  • My husband, my two pugs and three cats.
  • ‘A day without laughter is a day wasted.’ (Charlie Chaplin) It’s the truest thing I’ve ever heard.
  • The English Lake District. Whenever I arrive there I feel home.
  • Photography all kinds. Art most kinds.
  • The smell of – freesias, roses, coal fires, cedarwood, the countryside in winter, the countryside in summer, horses.
  • Books, especially old ones in old bookshops.
  • Crisps and olives….although both are my waistlines downfall.
  • Radio 3. Punk Rock. Queen. Carol King. Jake Bugg. George Ezra.
  • Top Gear. The Superbike racing.
  • James Bowen & Street Cat Bob.
  • Laughing.
  • Blackadder II, III, IV. Only Fools and Horses. Two and Half Men. House of Fools. Lovejoy.
  • Peter Kay. Kevin Bridges. Eddie Izzard.
  • Guy Martin. Richard Branson.
  • In love with….Jason Orange. Rufus Sewell. Mark Rylance.

Things I don’t love…..

  • Social injustice.
  • Animal cruelty.
  • Arrogance.
  • Rudeness.
  • Baked beans. Lasagne.
  • Maths. If we learn from our mistakes why am I still so bad at Maths?

You might like to know…..

  • I’ve been a qualified professional photographer for nearly 30 years. I trained as a medical photographer, and I’ve also been a teacher.
  • I once photographed a wedding where a gust of wind took my dress up around my head and everyone saw my knickers. I don’t wear dresses like that anymore.
  • I’m a vegetarian!
  • I had a perm when I got married. I looked like a Cocker Spaniel in a wedding dress.
  • I’ve seen Die Hard six million times and Sense and Sensibility about the same.
  • Random things strike me; I once saw a duck sleeping at the side of a pond, it was dreaming; I’ve wondered ever since what it was dreaming about!

But what care you of me when there’s you to behold! If you’d like me to be your wedding photographer Ring! Ring! Let me know how you met; your lovely love story and fab wedding plans. Let’s meet, share olives and crisps. In the words of Bruce Willis, kind of, ‘Come to Nottingham, we’ll get together, have a few laughs.’ It could be kismet.

Yvonne x

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