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‘Is photography art?

No it isn’t art.

Is painting art?

No it isn’t art.

It’s whether the people doing it are artists or not.’

David Bailey


Mike, the hairy ones and Me…


You may have guessed that I love photographing weddings. Just as well really or you wouldn’t be considering me as your wedding photographer. I trained, qualified and worked in medical photography for many years but wedding photography’s much more fun, there’s a lot less blood for a start! A surgeons neat job of pinning back a pair of ears or a beautiful girl in a fabulous wedding dress! Some hideous skin complaint of the nether regions or a gorgeous boy in a dapper suit! You catch my drift? Where’s the contest? Since setting up Yvonne Lishman Photography in 2006 I’ve photographed lots and lots of fab and groovy weddings up and down the UK for epic couples just like you. Apparently, amongst other accolades, I’m one of the 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World. My husband is concerned however that if I tell too many people my head will no longer fit through doors!

Talking of husbands I live in a little Victorian house in a village in Nottinghamshire with an amazing one called Mike. We live there with our hairy children aka 2 pugs and 3 cats. By rights I should be married to Mark Rylance or Rufus Sewell by now. In my head they’ve asked me several times but each time I’ve had to decline. Mike and I have rather a lot in common and I fear neither Mark nor Rufus could compete. There’s Top Gear, The Superbike Racing, Bruce Willis films, we’ve seen Die Hard so many times we know the script back to front, The Lake District, Jimmy Carr and Peter Kay. We find something funny to laugh at every day. No! I don’t mean we point at people in the street. For goodness sake, you’re nearly as bad as me! No, we just seem to find so many things funny and as Charlie Chaplin said ‘A day without laughter is a day wasted.’ I have a list as long as my arm (such a strange expression when you consider most of us have two) of the things we both love, like photography and art, Punk Rock, Queen, Jake Bugg, Blackadder, Two and Half Men. And anything involving Guy Martin.

Of course when you’ve been married as long as we have there are times when we’d happily wring the others neck and there are things about each we really just don’t get. I love to read, especially anything to do with history, and stories by Victorian novelists, Mike loves football. When I finish a book I’m sometimes sad it’s ended but then I start another, if Newcastle United lose it’s like Mike’s world has come to an end. I mean really! What’s that all about? If I couldn’t listen to Radio 3 everyday I think I’d go out of my mind, if Mike had to listen to it he’d undoubtedly go out of his! I laugh at Miranda, and re-runs of Lovejoy for which Mike believes I should be committed. To me the world would be a better place if it were run by pugs and kittens where as Mike’s convinced the only holder worthy of such a post is Alan our Lord of Shearer.

There’s so much more and I could go on but hey what care you of me when there’s you? Gorgeous you! If you’d like me to be your wedding photographer – Ring! Ring! Let me know how you met; your lovely love story and fab wedding plans, and in the words of Bruce Willis, kind of, ‘Come to Nottingham, we’ll get together, have a few laughs.’ It could be kismet.

Yvonne x



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