Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs.

WTF are they doing on a wedding photography website? Well I absolutely love them and I love photographing them. I photograph other pets too and if you have anything furry or hairy, or woofy or purry, or even things that go eeeek and squeak then I want to know because I want to photograph them. And if your pets, or animals, feature at your wedding then get on the blower, lets talk shop, because you’re on my wedding bucket list. 🙂


Cat Portraits

cream burmese cats face close upPINburmese cats playing and jumpingPINblack fulffy cat close upPINcomposite of birman catPINbirman cat sitting on the arm of a sofaPINgrumpy looking cream persians facePINcomposite image of cats close upPINfluffy tabby cat in a basketPINcomposite image of cats close upPINchocolate burmeses looking out of a windowPINbrown burmese looking out of a windowPINgirl sitting in a pink arm chair hugging a fluffy tabby catPIN3 kittens sleepingPINa cream burmese kitten on his radiator bedPINtabby cat playing with green feathersPIN



‘Women and cats will do as they please,

 men and dogs should relax

and get used to the idea.’

Robert A. Heinlein


Dog Portraits


pug sitting on a green chair looking like itPINcocker spaniel and owner jump up togetherPINcocker spaniels runningPINsausage dogs running up stepsPINcomposite colour image of sausage dogsPINchocolate labrador wioth toy in itPINchocolate labrador lying on a cushionPINchocolate labrador in woods with ownersPINchocolate labrador standing under a tree owners wellies behindPINchocolate labrador leaping for foodPINdog with owner looking at each otherPINjack russel standing by a wallPINblack retrievers running after their ballPINblack dogs going in to waterPINPINcomposite image of a huskyPINcomposite image of dogs close upPINPET_PHOTOGRAPHER_NOTTINGHAM-01PINlittle dog lying in fallen leavesPINa dog on a bench the dog looks like itPINcomposite image of dogs close upPINcomposite image of dogs close upPIN

Odd Balls!white rabbit looking out of his hutchPIN

horses grooming each otherPINred haired woman with her horsesPINwoman calming her horsesPIN

My favourite ever wedding picture. Ask and I’ll explain!


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