November 9, 2017 /

Don't panic! 8 indispensable items to pack in your bridal survival kit.

A little list of the things I've noticed over the years are missing from a lot of bridal kits, little things you'll find might come in pretty handy on the day.

two bridesmaids in a bathroom looking shocked, one is brushing her teeth while going through a holdall

Already thought of what to pack in your bridal survival kit?!

The paracetamol, the blister plasters, scissors, the emergency sewing kit, your contraceptive pill. You’ve likely got a list as long as your arm.

Having a plan for wedding day emergencies is a really good idea. You can find tonnes of ideas online, especially on Pinterest. But I’ve come up with a little list of 8 things I’ve noticed over the years as a wedding photographer that are often missing from a lot of bridal kits, little things you’ll find might come in pretty handy on the day.

1. Drinking straws

Bamboo ones obvs!! Let’s keep it plastic zero. You can find them on Amazon and online stores like The Friendly Panda. These awesome suckers will enable you to stay hydrated without having to reapply your lipstick every time you want a drink

2. Power Extension Strips

If you’ve got a lot of folks in your bridal party and you’re all trying to get ready in the same room at the same time you’ll be thankful of these when you discover you only have two plug sockets, but five hairdryers, eight phones, three strengthening irons and a kettle that need to go on all at once. Be prepared to fuse the building though. That’s a lot of leccy!

3. White Dressmakers Chalk or Baby Powder

If you get smudges of makeup or spill the Prosecco on your wedding dress dressmakers chalk or baby powder will help to take care of any smudge emergencies.

4. Blotting Paper

Helps soak up those smudge emergencies prior to coating them with the dressmaker’s chalk.

5. Superglue

Say WHAT!!! It’s great should a shoe heel snap or even for a tear in clothing. As long as your careful with the latter it can be faster and just as effective as a needle and thread.

6. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

An awesome flower remedy that you can take as a tincture under the tongue or in pastilles. It’s epic for calming nerves. You can buy it in health stores and online.

7. Earring backs

Drop one on the floor and you can spend ages trying to find in in the shag-pile. Having a few spares thrown in to your makeup bag will mean less time is wasted trying to look for the one you’ve drooped. I’ve seen stress levels go through the roof in the search for a dropped earring back. Major thrombo tantrum! Ahhhhhh!!!

8. Crochet hook

A crochet hook is a godsend when trying to fasten up the back of a button up dress. It’ll have you buttoned up in your dress in a flash.

Remember there’s no need to panic if you prepare.

Make a list of all the things you think you might need in your wedding day survival bag. Gather or buy whatever you need and then the week before your wedding put the bag together. Of course there will be things you need right up to the last minute so have a separate list for those things and check them off as you put them in your bag the night before or the morning of your wedding.

Say men!!! You don’t need a kit. Like dah! You intuitively know the girls will sort you out!

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