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Why Have An Engagement Shoot?

Do you wanna kick the awkwardness of being photographed for portraits on wedding day in to touch? Then book an engagement shoot.

Want to learn how to rock all of the socks ready for your portraits on your wedding day?

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Hands up if you love being photographed? Nah! Me neither. Unless it’s a selfie and I can mess around.

The way I photograph you on your wedding day, letting you be you and giving a little direction here and there when needed, means it’s not a necessity to have an engagement shoot. It’s why I leave it up to you to choose if you’d like one or not. But here’s a reason or two why you may wish to book one and when you do some info on what we’ll get up to.

Loads of my couples say, ‘Ahhhh, we bloddy hate being photographed.’ So unless you are super confident in front of the camera, then having an engagement shoot, aka e-shoot, aka pre-wedding shoot, aka couples shoot, will kick that bad boy awkwardness into touch.

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You’ll learn how to rock all of the socks ready for the portraits you’ll have taken on your wedding day. Let’s face it, if you’re already worrying about feeling silly being photographed at your wedding that worry isn’t going to miraculously disappear on the big day. Besides your wedding day isn’t really the best day to have a lesson in how not to feel a plank in front of the camera!

But what if you already rock all of the socks! Why bother with an e-shoot then. Well maybe you’d like some super duper pictures to remember the awesomeness that is being engaged. Fantabulooos happy photos that you can hang around the house and maybe even use for save the dates or your invitations. Or maybe you just want to hang out with me for a bit as I’m so totally fricking awesome. Ha! Ha!

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Okay so give us the low down.

An engagement shoot lasts longer than the portrait session on your wedding day but by the end of it you’ll feel like a mate rather than a stranger has been taking your pictures. You’re gonna tell me it was fun.  All my couples do. I take natural fun photos and have some tricks up my sleeve for when you fancy an arty farty picture or two.

How much does an e-shoot cost?

It’s £300. I organise them on Monday through to Thursday between 4-8 months before your wedding. They can be taken at a location of your choosing within 50 miles of NG11. Further than that there’s travel costs of 45p a mile. If you come to me though you get a discount and I shout you a cuppa and cake!

 Engagement photography in Keswick on Derwent water

How long do they last?

Between 2-3 hours, a combo of chatting and shooting. Then we’ll go off for coffee or maybe lunch if you decide to make a day of it. It’s a good laugh. If you’re a Geordie you might consider it “geet crack!” or if your posh “quite a hoot.”

What do we need to wear?

You can wear whatever you like if your comfortable in it. Dress up! Dress down. Whatever! Although if you dress up maybe don’t wear high heels unless you’re used to wearing them all day long as we will be walking round lots. Plain colours, as bold and bright as you like, or delicately patterned clothes are better than anything with a mad pattern you need volume control for. Don’t bring things you need to carry and keep mobile phones and keys out of your pockets as they show up in the pictures.

woman in blue dress with a man in a Chewbacca mask outside the Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery

What if I never like myself in pictures though?

The only thing I can’t promise, no professional photographer can, is to make you love yourself in pictures if you never love yourself in pictures. I can photograph you looking happy. I can photograph you looking natural. And I can photograph you way better than your mates can. But I can’t make you love yourself if you don’t love yourself. It’s just not possible.

The things we see in ourselves that make us dislike ourselves aren’t things that anyone else EVER sees in us. They are only things in our minds. Those who love and know us see the real us. When you walk in to a room 99% of what people pick up on from you has come from inside of you. The 1% is probably what your wearing! We are our worst critics. I love the quote, ‘I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.’ Think about that. It’s true. How can you not love a smiling face? Unless it’s Jack Nicholson in The Shining!

If you don’t love yourself enough think about why other people do love you. Start treating yourself like others treat you and you treat other people, with kindness and respect. It really does help you begin to look at yourself in a healthier light.

couple lit by flash in Watford theatre throwing sweets in the air

On your wedding day your smile will be beaming. You’ll be having so much fun. The love you have for each other will be obvious. This will show up in your pictures and you are much more likely to love these photos of yourself. Because they will be relaxed and natural and really happy. They’ll show the real you.

To book your engagement session just give me a call or email me at They’re awesome fun and we get to hang out together. Epic!

Yvonne x

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