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What's the point in booking a wedding photographer?

Anyone can take a decent photo these days! Even phone cameras produce awesome results, right?! So why bother with a proper wedding photographer?

Like how hard can it be to take a picture?

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Yay you’re engaged and you’re planning your wedding. But boooo how come everything is so costly when it comes with a W in front of it? Maybe you’re already starting to think about how you can cut corners. Like wedding photography! Even phone cameras produce awesome results. So why bother with a proper wedding photographer? Especially as it seems so fricking expensive.

Because like anyone with a camera can take a decent photo these days!

There’s much more to it than a camera. You need someone who knows how to use a camera properly. Who has experience of different lighting. Knows what to do in shitty weather. Knows how to frame the perfect shot. Where to be at exactly the right moment. A great camera doesn’t take great pictures but a great photographer does.

Wedding photography isn’t just about one day.

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Photographing a wedding is a tiny part of what a wedding photographer does. Besides the actual photography part, many hours go into editing work, marketing, and promotion, and working with couples before their wedding and afterwards too. I spend anything between 40-60 hours per couple in the course of being their photographer.

Then there’s the cost of all that super high-tech equipment. And the backup equipment. Computers. Editing software. Travel expenses. Consultation time. And the cost of products such as USBs and prints. Printing. Packaging. Shipping. And photography insurance. And advertising. And! And! And! The cost of running a wedding photography business and offering an excellent level of service is expensive.

The amateur or cheap photographer is unlikely to have an amazing skill set or take your day seriously.

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A professional wedding photographer has a reputation to keep up. They’re only ever as good as their last wedding. They can’t afford to be anything other than exceptional at every touchpoint. They’re often professionally trained with qualifications, invest in ongoing education, have many years experience and be multi-award winning. They’ll be a wizard at editing. And have their own photography style. Be incredibly creative. They know exactly where to be at the right times during your wedding. Know what to do in bright sunlight, on a rainy day, or in utterly shitty light and still get amazing pictures. They have back up plans. An amateur or cheap photographer is quite likely running their business as a sideline. You’re not their first interest.

Wedding Photography Is an Investment.

Some couples don’t realise until after their wedding, once they have nothing to look back on or have poor quality images, that wedding photography was really important after all. When it comes to wedding photography it’s more about how much it will mean to you in years to come than just getting a few photos on the day. You’ll be spending a lot of money on your wedding and 95% of it will be gone in one day. Some girls think nothing of paying £3000+ for the dress of their dreams. A dress they’ll wear for one day. Of course, their dress might be the most important thing to them and that’s fine. Wedding photography is your only lifelong memory of your amazing day. It’s an investment. Every good photographer will tell you this.

Bad wedding photography once done can’t be undone.

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More and more, while working at weddings, couples come up and chat to me about how they wished they’d invested more in their wedding photography. They had a friend photograph their wedding or a cheap photographer and the results were disappointing, heads chopped off, overexposed images, bizarre angles, out of focus shots, key moments of the day not photographed. It’s a risk some people will take but it’s something that once done can’t be undone. Check it out online. You’ll find one horror story after another.

Massively important tip.

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Whatever you do pick your own wedding photographer! This is so freaking important. I can’t stress this enough. Don’t ask a relative or a friend to find one for you, their tastes may vary wildly from yours. When I get a call or email from someone searching for a wedding photographer on someone else’s behalf it’s a massive red flag for me. You and only you must choose your wedding photographer. Because you must love your photographer and their photography style. You must all be on the same page. Otherwise, you’re highly likely to end up with results you’re disappointed in. They might be the best and most expensive wedding photographer in the world but if they don’t shoot the style of wedding photography you want it won’t matter how freaking amazing their pictures are if they are not what you want!

Don’t scrimp on your wedding photography budget.

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If photography is important to you, and you want wedding photos you’ll love, don’t scrimp on your wedding photography budget. You have one chance to gets this right! It would be better to pay for less coverage with the photographer you love than spend it on full day coverage with a cheaper photographer who includes tonnes of add ons like an album and engagement shoot but whose work, and possibly personality, you’re not so keen on.

Your wedding photography is a long term investment so hire the photographer you love or the best you can afford, they know what they are doing and you will get the results you dream of and more. You want to remember what your day felt like and how amazing it was every time you look at your wedding photographs, not how they didn’t live up to your expectations. Your wedding photography should meet your expectations and then some.

The more experienced a photographer is the more they will cost. Realistically if you want lovely images expect to pay £1500+. If you want knockout images you’re looking at 2 or 3 times that amount for full-day coverage. A higher price is generally a good indication that the photographer will provide you with amazing photography because they are an amazing photographer with an amazing skill set.

Allocate as much as you can afford for the photographer you want. Even if it means you compromise elsewhere. Like the order of service booklets that get left in the ceremony room swept up for the bin. Wedding favours that get left on the tables or the sweet cart everyone is too stuffed after the meal to be bothered with. Weddings aren’t about these things.

The best wedding photographers have you at heart, always.

They will limit the number of weddings they can reasonably fit in to a year in order to provide an awesome and bespoke service. I limit mine to 15. And they won’t call you the week before to say they can’t come because they’ve had a better offer.

They will be in high demand. Most weddings take place on a Saturday between May and October which leaves around 26 Saturdays free, 15 for me, so when you find the photographer you love book them as soon as you can, the best book up quickly.

So why make wedding photography a priority?

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If you want to remember your wedding for years to come, how it felt to be there, to share your day with future little yous, in time remember those who came and are no longer here, then wedding photography is really important and it should be a priority.

Weddings are about love and laughter and celebrating. They’re about hanging out with your favourite people. Having a brilliant time. Having pictures that let you relive and feel your day all over again whenever you look at them.

Wedding photography is an amazing visual story of your day. All those joyful, emotional, beautiful moments recorded as it happened. It’s a lifetime of memories. And investing in your wedding photography really is something you’ll be thankful you did in years to come.

A great camera doesn’t take great pictures but a great photographer does!

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