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Best Wedding Venues In The East Midlands

Where are the best wedding venues in the East Midlands? As a Nottingham wedding photographer you'd think most of my weddings would be shot close to home. Nooooo! The majority of my weddings ar...


What’s the point in booking a wedding photographer?

Anyone can take a decent photo these days! Even phone cameras produce awesome results, right?! So why bother with a proper wedding photographer?


My Top Tips To Make Sure Your Guests Have A Blast At The Wedding Party.

Hey! I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor. If you don’t want every one Going Underground to the photobooth in the basement leaving only Stacy’s Mom, the Dancing Queen, showing she Moves Like Jag...


My top ten tips for looking like a God damn legend on your wedding day.

Girls, avoid beauty malfunctions by planning ahead to ensure you're killing it on your most important day.


Hey, officiators! Not all wedding photographers are morons!

Why you need to get clear with your officiant about what I can and can't photograph during your ceremony. Here's a little bit of info on how you might go about asking your officiants if weddin...


10 Items To Cut From Your Wedding.

Save the dosh. Give some or all of the following a miss and no one on Earth will notice the absence of them from your wedding. Don’t get me wrong all of these things I suggest you cut from...


Booking me as your wedding photographer.

The low-down. Oh my goodness. Do you know how exciting it is when a couple contacts me about photographing their wedding? It’s one of the best feelings in the world. I love weddings, photograp...


Why Have An Engagement Shoot?

Do you wanna kick the awkwardness of being photographed for portraits on wedding day in to touch? Then book an engagement shoot.


How To Have An Epic Wedding Disco When You’re On A Budget.

90 banging tunes to get everyone up and dancing. Why 90? I've timed it. There’s roughly 4 hours’ worth of epic tunes here.


Don’t panic! 8 indispensable items to pack in your bridal survival kit.

A little list of the things I've noticed over the years are missing from a lot of bridal kits, little things you'll find might come in pretty handy on the day.


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