'THE PHOTOS ARE AMAZINGLY BRILLIANTLY WONDERFUL. YOU ARE WONDERFUL. They are just perfect and everything we hoped for. YOU ROCK ALL OF THE SOCKS.' Carys + Ant

you want wedding photography unlike anyone elses.

bride an groom on a woodland swing

How would you like a slightly bonkers highly creative multi-award winning photographer with 30+ years experience to photograph your wedding?

I know photography inside out, upside down and back to front. The wonderful thing about this is the freedom it gives me to be imaginative and immerse myself in your wedding day rather than worrying about lighting or any other technical aspect.

I’m not just another wedding supplier there to get a job done. I want to be part of your day. But I’m not there to high-jack your time with endless portraits and formal group pictures. I love to photograph what actually happens on your day so your photographs are genuinely you. I want to know the real you. To have fun with you. To show your personalities in every picture. Not copies of the last wedding I photographed ad infinitum. I photograph people being people. And I do it in such a way you hardly notice I’m there.


Full day wedding photography £2500.

And comes with all this rockin' goodness.

10 hours coverage by me! An epic, multi award winning, creative wedding photographer with over 30 years experience.

400+ beautifully edited high-resolution jpeg images to download.

A private gallery to view and share your images.

A handy all things weddingy information pack and a few awesome surprises along the way.

And there's more!

An hourly rate is available for mid-week weddings, elopements and teeny weeny weddings. Albums. Fine art prints. Couple shoots for £300. And lots more. Just ask.

I donate a percentage of my profits to Ashbourne Animal Welfare aka The Ark so when you book me you’re helping to make the lives of some little furry dudes very very happy!

Scroll for the faqs!


Want to know something not mentioned below?!

No problemo.

• we feel stupid being photographed.

Don't worry, everyone says that. I get the shots I do by letting you be yourselves but for those of you who think you'll feel uncomfortable in front of the camera for the portraits we do on your wedding day why not book an engagement shoot?! At your wedding most of the day you’ll be rockin' the camera having a smashing time smiling and laughing with your mates and you won’t even know you’re being photographed. After your wedding you're going to tell me how cool you look in photos you didn't even know were being taken! It's the law.

• How do we get to know each other?

Easy peasey. If you live locally we can meet up at a cafe and I'll shout you a coffee and some cake or we can make a date online baby and chat over Skype or FaceTime.

• We're working to a budget, can we have a discount?

No is the simple answer! I'm really sorry but I don't give discounts. It’s unfair to discount for some couples and not others. I offer a one of a kind wedding photography experience creating unique images, a lasting legacy, and I limit my weddings to 20 year working for couples who love my work and me, and who value photography. I’ve had many couples save elsewhere in order to book me. I work long hours and not just on your wedding day so from my perspective when folks ask for a discount it's like a boss asking me to work for 40 hours but is only willing to pay me for 30, he wouldn’t be valuing me or my work.

• When will our pictures be ready and how many do we get?

You’ll get a little preview about a week after your wedding. I don't outsource my editing to get the job done quicker. I want to edit your images in my own signature style so they are perfectly you. This takes time so depending on my work load during peak wedding season your images will be ready between 4-6 weeks after your wedding. Depending on the level of coverage and the size of your wedding you'll receive anything between 300 and 700 images. Quality over quantity.

• What is the style of your wedding photography?

I love to photograph what actually happens on your day so your photographs are genuinely you. I do my best work with fun-loving down to earth couples who allow me the freedom to photograph their day as it happens. My couples don’t take themselves too seriously. They value experiences and relationships over possessions so their day is about the people not things.

Too much formal stuff bores the tits off me and likely does you too. Chilled out un-McWeddingy Weddings are our thing. Your family and mates enjoying your day. You being you. Capturing people being people, that's my style.

• Can we have any group pictures?

Sure, I'm happy to do a few but if you know you'll want lots of them then I'm not the girl for you. I recommend around 4 or 5 groups, agreed in advance and keeping them small and informal. You know, the kind your gran is gonna want for her mantelpiece. My couples want the story of their day captured as it happened not a record of every face that attended, they often find it worth explaining beforehand to the traditionalists at their wedding why they've booked me. It's also important to note that I can't guarantee that everyone at your wedding will be photographed, If it's important to you to have everyone photographed then I advise one big group shot photographed overhead so faces can be seen.

• Do you travel to different places to photograph weddings?

Although I'm based in Nottingham I photograph weddings in the UK from The Channel Islands to The Shetland's, the whole shebang. I LOOOOOOVE to travel to different places for weddings.

• What happens if there is an earthquake outside your house and you fall in to the tectonic plate?

I can climb really fast but in this unlikely event I have a band of fab and groovy wedding togs I'd phone from the plate, signal permitting, who I can ask to stand in for me. I'm also a member of The UK Wedding Photographers Emergency Cover Club if my fav togs are booked up.

• Can we have the copyright to the images and the RAW files too?

Erm no and no! The copyright is there to protect me, it prevents others from using my work and passing it off as their own. Unless you intend to do this, which is totes illegal, you don’t need the copyright. The RAW files belong to me too, just like negatives did when I used to shoot in film. You’ll receive jpeg images for you to print, all lovingly edited in my epic natural signature style selected for the best moments that tell the story of your day awesomely.

• Do we need to feed you?

Not personally by hand but oh yes pleazers. It's a long day, 10 hours or more, so thumbs up to nosh and soft drinks too. I’m vegan which might prove tricky for less adventurous chefs but I can advise them if they wish. I was once served a bowl of lettuce at a well-known London Hotel, just lettuce, nothing else! Wtf!!! During colder months, for weddings where I’ve not had an overnight stay i.e. my sarnies won’t go off in the heat, I’m happy to bring my own lunch.

• Why are some photographers more expensive than some others?

Have all the wedding dresses you've looked at been the same price? Or the flowers? Or the caterers? A higher price is a usually a good indication of an expert. Someone in demand. Someone with awards, who knows photography inside out, upside down and back to front. This is one of the most important days of your lives, shouldn't your wedding photography be in the best hands?

• How do we book you?

There's a £500 booking fee and a couple of seriously interesting forms to fill out. The balance is due 4 weeks before your wedding.

• Normal people scare us! Are you normal?

Seriously! You have to ask?!!! Cause erm like dah, NO!

so come on you crazy kittens. let's do this shit together. you know you want to! hit the chat!