I once saw a duck sleeping at the side of a pond, it was dreaming; I’ve wondered ever since what it was dreaming about!

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Back in the day I trained and worked in the NHS as a medical photographer but wedding photography's much more fun. There's a lot less blood for a start!

I've been a primary school teacher, and education officer for the RSPCA too.

At school, I wanted to be a vet or an opera singer!!!

Photographing weddings is freaking fabulous. Since 2006 I've shot tonnes of weddings and picked up a few accolades on the way, like being named,

'One of the 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World.'
'One of the UKs 10 Best Creative and Quirky Wedding Photographers.'
Way hay!
In 2019 I was given the honour of becoming a photographer judge for The Wedding Business Awards 2020.

I believe in kindness, in doing good. One day I will have an animal sanctuary, and I want to help the homeless too. I dream they'll live in and help me with the animals.

'A day without laughter is a day wasted.'

Charlie Chaplin.

I shoot fun laid-back wedding photography for couples who love life, who plan their wedding day around their favourite people, the food and the music.

I do my best work with down to earth couples who love to laugh.

Couples who share my love of animals and of being connected to nature. Outdoor weddings are often their thing.

Couples who don’t take life too seriously, and allow me the creative freedom to photograph their day as it really happened. They, like me, believe in challenging convention and celebrating originality.

I love embracing whatever it is that my couples have planned for their wedding day.

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1. I have two senses of humour - one silly and childish, the other dark and seriously warped.

2. I believe in ghosts! Oooooo!

3. The mere thought of lasagna makes me heave. For the love of God it looks like a leg ulcer!!!!

4. Outdoor music festivals, and watching motorbikes whizz round tracks is just heavenly.

5. My fav film ever is Die Hard. Yippee ki-yay! In second place it's Home Alone! Wtf!

6. Pugs. Cats. The Lake District. Ryan Reynolds. All prove the existence of a higher power at work in the universe

7. I'd like to have dinner with Andrew Marr.

8. The olive is mans greatest discovery. The potato crisp his greatest invention! Bona fide facts beyond dispute!

Laters chums xx

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I Love

Loving the cut of my jib and want me at your wedding? Or know what ducks dream of? Then Hit 'Let's chat' chums.