Is every wedding photography website you've looked at so far a tad on the McWeddingy side?

And everyone's wedding looks like, well, everyone else's wedding?

But you're not everyone else.

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You're you!

You crazy kittens.

bride with friends trying to stop her veil covering her face in the wind


You're free spirits with a youthful outlook on life and a silly sense of humour.

You care about animals, the environment and love to be outdoors so you’re more likely to be found in your wellies than stilettos. You feel more at home in front of the roaring fire of a country pub with a real ale or good glass of red in your hand than in a glitzy hotel bar.

Intimate home cooked meals with your best friends, and your four-legged family, make your heart sing. You’re easy going, grounded and comfortable in your own skin.

You value experiences and relationships over possessions, knowledge and kindness over wealth and power. You do good things for those around you because you believe in doing good – not for any recognition or social status.


think outside the box.

Odds on you’re planning an alternative wedding somewhere quirky where you can put your stamp all over it, like in a woodland or on a beach rather than in an ostentatious city hotel or stately home.

The recollection of weddings you’ve been to where you and the other guests were losing the will to live because some bossy photographer was herding you all in to group after group, and the caterer was on the verge of a thrombo because ‘that bloody photographer,’ was holding up the food, make you want to stay under the duvet.

And staged photographs of wedding dresses hanging from chandeliers or the awkwardness of being made to stand in cheesy poses for portraits aren’t what you want on your day.

You’re just not that typical.    

bride and groom standing in the sea in Yorkshire
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Did someboby say food?!


are planning an Un-McWeddingy wedding.

It will be a fun filled day with a difference. There’ll be great food, brilliant music, and everyone will have such a blast and they’ll still be laughing fondly about it in years to come.

You want to have an awesome day with an awesome party.

And you want story telling laid-back wedding photography that reminds you of how much fun you all had in one day, where you recognise you as you, and that lets you feel how amazing it was to get married.  


You sound just like my kind of crazy kittens.



I reckon we're going to hit it off!

We need to talk.

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bride in lace dress and groom laughing in the sun showered in flower confetti

Yvonne was the best wedding photographer we could have imagined.

our photos are beautiful and unique.

We didn’t want to end up with boring staged photographs and Yvonne managed to capture the day perfectly. Everyone commented on how lovely and brilliant she was. The amount she manages to do is crazy, but even though she’s running around giving it her all we both didn’t even notice her taking some shots and capturing the ceremony. Yvonne was a pleasure to work with, professional, organised but also so warm, funny and friendly that the whole thing was an absolute pleasure. My husband and I were worried because neither of us is that comfortable getting our photo taken but we needn’t have worried, our photos are beautiful and unique. If you want a really fun, creative photographer then Yvonne is the lady for you. Really can’t praise her enough! Sarah + Rob