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Don't worry, everyone says that. I get the shots I do by letting you be yourselves but for those of you who think you'll feel uncomfortable in front of the camera for the portraits we do on your wedding day why not book an engagement shoot?! You get some dosh knocked off if you've already booked your wedding with me. At your wedding most of the day you’ll be rockin' the camera having a smashing time smiling and laughing with your mates and you won’t even know you’re being photographed. After your wedding you're going to tell me how cool you look in photos you didn't even know were being taken! It's a given.

I'm really sorry but I don't give discounts. It’s unfair to discount for some couples and not others. I offer a one of a kind wedding photography experience creating unique images, a lasting legacy, and I limit my weddings to 25 a year working for couples who love my work and me, and who value photography. I’ve had many couples save elsewhere in order to book me. I work long hours and not just on your wedding day so from my perspective when folks ask for a discount it's like a boss asking me to work for 40 hours but is only willing to pay me for 30, he wouldn’t be valuing me or my work.

You’ll get a little preview about a week after your wedding. I don't outsource my editing to get the job done quicker. I want to edit your images in my own signature style so they are perfectly you. This takes time so depending on my work load during peak wedding season your images will be ready between 6-12 weeks after your wedding. Depending on the level of coverage and the size of your wedding you'll receive anything between 300 and 700 images.

My style is a kind of fun photojournalistic story telling mix. I love to photograph spontaneous, un-contrived and fun moments and some soppy stuff too to tell the story of your wedding day. I want to capture what actually happens so your photographs are real. I do my best work in quirky settings with fun-loving down to earth couples who allow me the freedom to photograph their day as it happened.

Sure, I'm happy to do them. I recommend around 4 or 5 groups, agreed in advance and keeping them small and informal. You know, the kind your gran is gonna want for her mantelpiece. My couples want the story of their day captured as it happened not a record of every face that attended and often find it worth explaining beforehand to the traditionalists at their wedding why they've booked me. It's also important to note that I can't guarantee that everyone at your wedding will be photographed, even with a second shooter it's not a given. If it's important to you to have everyone photographed then I advise one big group shot.

I'm based in Nottingham and work from The Channel Islands to The Shetland's, the whole shebang. Further afield too. I LOOOOOOVE to travel to different places for weddings. If your wedding is overseas I'm happy to travel with you there too.

I'd have to be head to toe in paster-cast not to attend but in this unlikely event I have a band of fab and groovy wedding togs I can ask to stand in for me. I'm also a member of The UK Wedding Photographers Emergency Cover Club if my fav togs are booked up.

The copyright is there to protect me, it prevents others from using my work and passing it off as their own. Unless you intend to do this, which is totes illegal, you don’t need the copyright. The RAW files belong to me too, just like negatives did when I used to shoot in film. You’ll receive jpegs images lovingly edited in my epic natural signature style for you to print.

Oh yes please. I work a long day, 10 hours or more sometimes, so thumbs up to nosh. I’m vegan which might prove tricky for less adventurous chefs but I can advise them if they wish. I was once served a bowl of lettuce at a well-known London Hotel, just lettuce, nothing else, no tomatoes, no cucumber, just lettuce!!! I asked if they were taking the piss. Apparently they weren't!!! During colder months, when my lunch won’t go off in the heat, for weddings where I’ve not had an overnight stay I’m happy to bring my own lunch.

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