Hestercombe Gardens Wedding

Hestercombe Gardens Wedding

Lizzie and Sam

blonde haired bride and groom in blue showered in confetti on a bright sunny day

I met Lizzie and Sam last year at the wedding of architects Michelle and John. They loved Michelle and John’s images so booked me to photograph their beautiful wedding at the fabulous Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset.

Both Lizzie and Sam’s families are from Somerset; they grew up there and hope to move back some day. They chose Hestercombe Gardens because they loved the romance of the place especially the informal gardens with the follies where there’s a small temple and waterfall. I totally get it. My first visit to Hestercombe was the night before Lizzie and Sam’s wedding when I’d travelled down from Nottingham. I wandered round with my tummy doing cartwheels as I discovered one awesome location after another, texting Lizzie with OMG we must get a shot here pictures. It’s unbelievably beautiful. Even the steps, of which there are many scattered round the grounds, have the prettiest of daisies filling every gap.

Being architects themselves, Lizzie and Sam, loved the beautiful iconic orangery designed by one of their favourite architects Sir Edwin Lutyens so it was the perfect place to hold their wedding ceremony. The stunning Gertrude Jekyll gardens are also poignant for Lizzie as they overlook, on one side, the Quantocks where her dad grew up and where the family went on walks when she was little. I just love too that a big draw for them is that Hestercombe is open to the public so they can go back for anniversaries, and the money they spent on their wedding day will go towards Hestercombe’s restoration rather than lining someone’s pockets.

Lizzie studied architecture in Edinburgh for six years and loved Scotland but as she’s not managed to convince Sam to move there, determined to bring a little bit of the place to their wedding, they hired a ceilidh band; Lizzie said it would also mean she and Sam would get to run around like they were still a kids. And do you know this really sums them up. I love Lizzie and Sam. They are two of the most grounded, natural and sweetest people on the planet who radiate lovely fun and warm vibes and never stop smiling. It’s true what they say that like attracts like as their guests were just the same. It was a truly fabulous day. Here are their wedding highlights.woman wearing a white bath robe in a blue bedroom laughingblonde lady sitting by a mirror looking round at friends out of shot in a blue bedroomtwo women getting ready in a blue bedroom one seated the other in a navy dress putting earrings inblack and white image of bride in her bath robe hugging one of her flowers girlsbride's mother in a black jacket helping her in to her wedding dressgroom in blue jacket in the doorway to an orangery standing with two musicians covering his face with his handsbride in a drawing room with the registrar lit by window light prior to her ceremonyblack and white image of brdie in lace dress full length lit by window lightbride with nlonde hair wearing a lace dress sitting in a window seat holding flowersbride with her mum and dad, helping her mum down the steps at Hestercombe gardensdetail shot of timings board made up of lots of little clocksbride and her dad walk down old steps covered in daisies surrounded by treesbride in a lace dress and groom in blue stand at the ceremony alter in the Orangery at Hestercombe gardensbride in a lace dress and groom in blue stand at the ceremony alter in the Orangery at Hestercombe gardensclose up of top part of wedding order of service held by a guestclose up of little boy in a blue striped shirt holding wedding ringsclose up of brides hand taking a wedding ring from the tiny hand of the page boybride in a lace dress and groom in blue exchange rings in the Orangery at Hestercombe gardensman in blue jacket with red hair and woman in blue floral dress at garden wedding receptionclose up of a woman holding a confetti boxclose up of wedding guest with a drink of pimms in one hand and a cone of confetti in the otherblonde haired bride and groom in blue showered in confetti on a bright sunny dayman in blue runs past a family wedding group portrait taking place in a stone alcovebride and groom portrait in the gardens at Hestercombebride and groom portrait in the gardens at Hestercombe through an archwaybride and groom portrait in the gardens at Hestercombe through a gap in a wrought iron gatebride and groom laughing next to wisteria during their portraits in the gardens at Hestercombebride and groom portrait in the gardens at Hestercombe through an oval opening in a stone wallclose up of bride and grooms feet standing on daisy covered stepsclose up of groom in blue tweed showing his hand and wedding rings as he touches his wifes waistbride in lace dress standing in a stone arch lit by strong sun lightclose up of base of wedding cake surrounded by blueberries and strawberries shot through flowersgroom in blue tweed giving his wedding speech and looking at the bridegroom in blue close up resting against a wall laughingbaby wearing sunglasses sitting in a high chair while bestman at a wedding in background gives a speechbright blue linen jacket over a chair close up with a pink rose in the lapelthree female wedding guests huddled under picnic blankets three wedding guests looking at pictures on a phones camera groom and best man hug and laughwoman laughing so hard wioth wedding guests her face screws upfemale wedding guest wearing a blue blanket to keep warm smiling with other guests close up of daises growing out of a wallman in blue tweed and bride in lace dress climb near a a waterfallclose up of brides leg as she lifts her lace dress to cross a small streamgroup of people holding hands dancing with their arms lifted upgroom in blue wasit coat swings and woman round on the dance floor her hair swishes to the sidewoman and man dancing and laughing at a weddingwoman's hair swishes behind her as she dances with a man wearimng glasses and who has a beardman in blue suit kicking his legs out while dancing at a wedding

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