April 22, 2017 /

Engagement Shoot in Northamptonshire

Brad, Jessica, Gloom & Gizmo's Pawtrait Engagement Photography.   Brad and Jess are beautiful. They went to school together but didn’t get it together until a few years after leaving whe...

Brad, Jessica, Gloom & Gizmo’s

Pawtrait Engagement Photography.couple in brown jackets laughing by a green bush


Brad and Jess are beautiful. They went to school together but didn’t get it together until a few years after leaving when they met up again having been off to uni. Now they live in a quirky Northamptonshire cottage with curved walls and pretty window seats, along with 2 glorious Ragdoll kittens Gloom and Gizmo. It was at their lovely home I photographed them playing their favourite card game and eating cake while Gizmo and Gloom weaved in and out trying to get in on the action. Later we wandered off in to the tiny hamlet were they live for some portraits in the beautiful late spring sunshine. Here are their engagement photography highlights.

‘Thank you so much for coming to do the engagement shoot with us, we had a really great time and think it has definitely helped us prepare for the day. We have just got the pictures and are so pleased! The cats (and us) look awesome, we love the ones of us in the arch of the church and the colours, especially in our kitchen, are insane!’

Brad and Jess

2 ragdoll kittens climbing on a cabinetclose up of girls hands playing cardscouple playing cards with a ragdoll cat climbing on the surface they are playing onragdoll kitten on a kitchen island batting dice aroundclose up of man in balck t shirt eating cake with a forkragdoll kittne resting on a kitchen island with his female owner just visibleragdoll kitten looking up past camera next to a red Guinness mugclose up of girl's hands a black ring on one finger holding a mug of teagirl with long brown hair photographed through the tattooed arm of her fiancéman in black t shirt fusses his ragdoll cat that has climbed on to a kitchen island where he plays cards with us fiancéecouple in brown jackets laughing by a green bushtiny blue flowers in shot with couple out of focus behind sitting on grassman and woman standing apart in woodlandblack and white of man and woman stanidng in the bare trees of a woodtop half of young couple lying on grass with a grand home behind themyoung couple sitting on grass by a treegirl in khaki parka hugs fiancée in brown jacketgirl in grey cardigan with long brown hair runs along a dirt trackgirl with grey cardigan and long brown hair rests back in box hedgecouple standing by box hedge looking to cameracouple hugging in a church door wayclose up of man's face light by glimpses of the sunclose up of girls face with the sun on her and dark surroundman in black t shirt and woman in grey cardigan hug against blue sky

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