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selfie with yvonne lishman with a bride and groom at their Tissington Hall wedding Derbyshire
bride with floral head dress and groom with beard pose for a selfie with Yvonne Lishman at their wedding at Nancarrow Farm Cornwall
bride with red hair and groom withblue suit and ornage tie pose for a selfie with Yvonne Lishman at their Petersham Hall Village wedding in Richmond London
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1. a cat loving, pug loving, child at heart, vegan photographer who believes kindness is everything and laughter truly is the best medicine. 2. partial to a wedding selfie.

'Come little kitten let's sit awhile, swap jokes, and eat lentils.'

Originally I trained and worked in the NHS as a medical photographer but wedding photography's much more fun, there's a lot less blood for a start!

I've been a teacher, and education officer for the RSPCA too but since setting up my wedding photography business in 2006 I've never looked back. Who wouldn't love photographing weddings? They're freaking fabulous. I've shot close to 300 of them and picked up a few accolades on the way, like being named 'One of the 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World.' My photography has featured all over the shop including, Rock 'N' Roll Bride, Boho Weddings, Rock My Wedding, Bespoke Bride, The Wedding Community, The Jewish Chronicle, and Metro. I’m a member of Fearless Photographers, a select directory showcasing only the best wedding photographers in the world, and have photographed a wedding for the BBC’s Don’t Tell The Bride.

My other half's Mike, he's a teacher. Back in 302BC when we got hitched we spent much of the time being herded in to groups by our photographer. No one looked very happy. I had a perm. I looked like a Cocker Spaniel in a wedding dress. Woof! Thank the lord wedding photography’s not like that anymore.

Mike and I live with numerous hairy four-legged kids in a little Victorian cottage. It's a mad house with lots of laughter at, quite frankly, the sorts of things five year olds tend to find funny. In our free time when we're not wandering through the countryside with our little pugs we'll be watching motorbikes whizz round tracks. Most evenings I like to snuggle up in an arm chair smothered in pugs and cats with a good book in hand listening to tunes on Radio 3 or to watch our newly discovered favourite TV show Pawn Stars. We're a tad mad on Bruce Willis films too. We've seen the first Die Hard film so many times we know the script back to front. Yippee ki-yay! 

But enough of me. Let’s talk about you. Ping me a note. Pick up the phone 07850 651 851 Let me know how you met; your lovely love story and fab wedding plans. In the words of Bruce Willis, kind of, ‘Come to Nottingham, we’ll get together, have a few laughs.’

yvonne xx

PS. I once saw a duck sleeping at the side of a pond, it was dreaming; I’ve wondered ever since what it was dreaming about!