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I'm an animal-obsessed, nature-loving, young at heart, slightly eccentric photographer who has been creating happy informal photographs for over thirty years. Originally I trained and worked in the NHS as a medical photographer but wedding photography's much more fun, there's a lot less blood for a start! I've been a primary school teacher, and education officer for the RSPCA too. At school I wanted to be a vet or an opera singer!!!

Photographing weddings is freaking fabulous. Since 2006 I've shot tonnes of weddings and picked up a few accolades on the way, like being named 'One of the 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World.' Way hay! I love to shoot quirky weddings in outdoor settings or unusual venues – the quirkier the better! And I LOVE making people happy, especially with the pictures I take. I shoot non-traditional wedding photography for couples who do things their way not the right way. I do my best work with down to earth couples who share my love of animals and of being connected to nature. They don’t take life too seriously, and allow me the artistic freedom to photograph their day as it happened.

'A day without laughter is a day wasted.'

Charlie Chaplin.

My other half's Mike, he's a teacher. Back in 302BC when we got hitched we spent much of the time being herded in to groups by our photographer. No one looked very happy. I had a perm. I thought I was Kate Bush! I looked like a Cocker Spaniel in a wedding dress. Woof!

We live in a teeny Victorian cottage in a village in Nottinghamshire with numerous hairy four-legged kids. It's a mad house with lots of laughter at, quite frankly, the sorts of things five year olds tend to find funny. We love motorbikes, vegan food, an ecletic mix of music and holidaying in The Lake District and Scotland with our little puggy dudes Brian May and Flash Gordon. In our free time when we're not wandering through the countryside with the dudes in tow, we'll be watching motorbikes whizz round tracks. Jonathan Rae and Michael Dunlop are legends.

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At night we watch re-runs of daft comedies like Still Game and Blackadder. We're a tad mad on Bruce Willis films too. We've seen the first Die Hard film so many times we know the script back to front. Mike always goes to bed before me and I stay up and watch paranormal shows, scare myself witless, then wonder why I don't sleep very well. I believe in ghosts. Wooooo!

If I couldn't listen to Radio 3 everyday I think I'd go out of my mind, if Mike had to listen to it he'd undoubtedly go out of his! In the car though I love to sing rock and punk stuff really loudly. My vocals cords aren't what they used to be. From the looks on the faces of other drivers it would seem they have noticed this about me too!

If I could survive on olives and lychees I would. Sometimes I ask myself which of the two is mans greatest discovery. Forget the wheel though the potato crisp is mans greatest invention! This is a bona fide true fact beyond dispute!

Laters xx

I once saw a duck sleeping at the side of a pond, it was dreaming; I’ve wondered ever since what it was dreaming about!

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