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Family Shoot Cheshire

Hannah, Sam, Bertie & Fred. The engagement shoot that turned in to a fun and epic family shoot at home. ‘Thank you for the engagement or “family” shoot you did for us. We really love the photos and they massively encapsulate what our family is all about! The boys loved it too. We are very…

Baby Georgina

Karin, Ed and Georgina I met Karin and Ed a few years ago when they were guests at a wedding I was photographing. The bride and groom, Victoria and David, had sat me and my assistant Lindsey on the same table as Karin and Ed as they suspected Karin and I would get along. We…

Violet’s First Birthday

Violet is one! So what do you do when you’re one? You wander round and round your house carrying purple and white balloons, stopping for the occasional sandwich, before squishing your chops up against a pane of glass with your mum and face planting your birthday cake. At least that’s what you do if you’re…

Baby William

Tom, Jen and Baby William. Featuring Archie the dog. At home baby and family portrait shoot to welcome baby William in to the world.

Baby Violet

Sarah, Adam & baby Violet. Sarah is a family friend who I’ve known since she was five, you’ll find Sarah and Adam’s wedding further down the blog if you care to scroll, so when they asked me to photograph their first born, Violet, on one of her first days on planet Earth I was really…

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