Alternative Engagement Shoot Derby

Olivia and Simon’s Alternative Engagement Shoot.

black and white of couple sitting at a table eating and laughing


‘We just love them! There are so many we can’t wait to get framed and on the wall, including amazing ones of the boys!! Thank you so much! Xxxxx’

Olivia & Simon

“I don’t like being photographed.” I hear these words often. But I get it. I hate being photographed too. Most people are apprehensive about being photographed. They feel awkward. Suddenly they forget how to stand, how to relax. They pull silly faces, usually out nervousness. They worry they’ll have a frozen smile or will look like a startled rabbit caught in headlights. These fears are perfectly normal. Alternative engagement shoots are great for people who really really don’t like being photographed as I’ll be photographing you pretty much informally like I will on your wedding day. I won’t be asking you to stand this way or that I’ll just be photographing you being you.

So is an engagement shoot really necessary? I think so and I highly recommend one. It’s important for several reasons. It allows you, as a couple, to get comfortable in front of the camera with me taking your pictures, and helps the three of us figure out how you work best together before the main event. On your wedding day we will have very little time together, no time to learn, it’s your one and only time to get it right. Couples who have these shoots know what to expect on their wedding day from me and from themselves. They feel like a mate rather than a stranger is taking their pictures. The awkwardness has gone and their wedding portraits look and feel natural. Afterwards without fail they say it was worth it, and fun. To book just give me a ring on 07850 651 851 🙂

carrots on a chopping boardblond girl looking for plates in a cupboardcouple reading a box of felafalfood and a knife on a chopping boardgirl reading a cookery book while her dog jumps up at hersteam rising from a colander in a sinkthree plates of vegan foodman in ablue top chopping vegatablesclose up of a cocker spanielman and woman preparing lunch togetherclose up of man chopping red pepperscoker spaniel sniffing a door matdog qoute sign hanging in a kitchengirl laughing up at the camera from a windowman and woman preparing lunch togetherman and woman preparing lunch togetherfrying felafalgirl frying felafaldrizzling oil on pitta breadgirl sitting at a table laid with vegan foodfelafal with green chilliesgreen beans and tomatoes on a platevegan food on a woden platterman dishes out salad, bottle of beer in the foregroundcouple eating at a table laughingblack and white of couple eating lunch at a table girl smiles at cameracouple sitting ata table with food and their dog is look at the foodcouple walking their coker spaniel dogs to the park along a village streetdogs just let of their leads make a run for itcoker spaneils running on grassblonde girl hugs her goldern cocker spanielcockr spaniels chasing each other in the parkdistance shot of couple walking arm in arm across a fieldclose up of couple laughing under a treecouple laughing by treesblack and white portrait of gril wearinga stripy scarf in woodlandclose up black and white portrait of girl laughing in woodlandman and cocker spaniel jump togethershot of couple standing in woodland framed by 2 treescouple photographed using tree trunk as a frameclose up of couples legs in their wellies in woodlandumbrella dn dog leads resting against a treecouple hugging closely be treesbalck and white close up of couple hugging and laughingroots of a tree that's fallen over in the woodsdistance shot of couple in woodland standing together on a mossy bankclose up of a gril clasping her hands to her chestshallow depth of field shot of girl with man in focus behind her in woodsman and woman stroke their black and white coker spanieldogs leap over a log on the groundblack and white cokcer spaniel leaps over a branchdogs running over grassblack and white coker spaniel runs up a mossy bankred cocker spaniel on a red lead looks back at cameraclose up of man resting againsta wall only his wellies and an umbrella showingdogs getting cleaned in their gardenred cocker spainel being towle dried by it's ownerclose up of red cokcer spaniels face looking up at male ownerclose up of colouful clothes pegs on a washing line using shallow depth of field with out of focus couple in the background

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