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10 Items To Cut From Your Wedding.

Save the dosh. Give some or all of the following a miss and no one on Earth will notice the absence of them from your wedding. Don’t get me wrong all of these things I suggest you cut from...

Save the dosh.

Give some or all of the following a miss and no one on Earth will notice the absence of them from your wedding.

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Don’t get me wrong all of these things I suggest you cut from your wedding are lovely to have and if money is no object, or you have your heart set on them, then go get them. But honestly, if you give some or all of them a miss no one on Earth will notice the absence of them from your wedding. So if you’re looking to save on your wedding budget, reduce your to do list or want to invest in more essential things like delicious food, amazing photography and brilliant entertainment or even your honeymoon this list may prove a blessing.

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  1. Wedding favours. More often than not they get overlooked. From candy rock with your name thread through it to little cacti in pots some things are just too big to fit in a clutch bag to take home anyway. Besides you’re already treating your guests to a tonne of free food and drink and a great day out.
  2. The sweet cart. This is the one thing that still looks as full of sweets at the end of the day as it did at the start. After the canapés, food and cake, and then the evening food, who has the time or the capacity to eat from the sweet cart. Unless you’re inviting Homer Simpson, give it a miss.
  3. Save the dates and dinner menus. Guests don’t need to know twice that you’re getting married. Send your invites out as soon as you have them and skip the save the dates. Your guests will have chosen what they are eating from the information you give them when you send your invitations. They don’t really need to know what they will be getting served at the table by way of a table wedding menu. The waiting staff won’t be coming to take orders, they’ll just be delivering the food you have decided upon. So why provide menus at the table?!
  4. Order of service. These can cost a fortune and end up left in the ceremony room swept up for the bin. Guests need to know when to arrive for your ceremony and this will be in your invitation. They don’t need to know what readings you’re having or have the words printed before them so they can follow along or that your second cousin twice removed is playing the saxophone. They just need to be present to witness and enjoy you getting married. Let them enjoy and listen to the readings or the saxophone playing rather than knowing in advance to expect them. Let them be surprised.
  5. Matching bridal party robes. Yeah sure they look sweet and it makes everyone feel they are part of a special little team but save the wedding budget and ask the girls to bring their own robes or some sort of cover up for when they’re having their makeup done if this is part of the deal.
  6. The bridal party. Yeah seriously, ditch some or all of the bridal party. Have a best woman and a best man and allocate roles to trust worthy friends and save yourself a whole heap of cash by not spending on all of those outfits. Okay, so this is one thing some guests might notice is missing, and if you can’t bear the idea of a no bridal party wedding, give your friends a colour code to work from and ask they to come in their own outfits.
  7. Bouquets for the mums. When handed out during the speeches you still have the whole evening ahead of you and by the end of the night the mum’s flowers are often crushed in a corner somewhere. Either don’t buy with them or have them delivered to the mum’s homes the day before the wedding or the day after so they can appreciate them properly.
  8. Champagne for the wedding toasts. Wine is likely to be flowing freely at the tables, if it is then let the guests toast with what is already in their glasses. Or purchase a good Prosecco for the toast instead. Only the wine buffs will notice the difference and honestly who cares what they think, it’s your day.
  9. Disposable cameras. Who doesn’t have a phone or digital camera these days? Why bother with crappy disposable cameras and the crappy resulting pictures you get from them and have to pay to have printed?!
  10. Chair covers. Let’s face it they can look rather corporate and when done up with a big bow can make the wedding breakfast room look fussy and Disneyesk. Bare chairs or chairs decorated with a simple trailing strand of ivy look far prettier. If your venues chairs are tatty and need covering then your venue should be doing something about it. They shouldn’t be expecting you to pay from your wedding budget to cover them up.

So save yourself a packet.

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Free up some cash and more time to spend with each other in the run up to your wedding, and purchase things that matter rather than battling through a huge to do list. You’re wedding is about love and how much fun you all had in one day. No one will turn round afterwards and say thanks for the great day but I’m a bit pissed off there were no favours on the table. It just isn’t going to happen.

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