Wedding at The Night Yard Canterbury

Michelle & John’s Quirky Handmade Wedding

The Night Yard Canterbury

Michelle and John are architects. They are also cool and awesomely crazy. Michelle emailed me the best wedding plan pdf I’ve ever seen where not a single detail for the day was missed, from a scaffolding structure holding a balloon canopy, the hand built chapel they had designed themselves and where they exchanged their vows, to costumes for their guests to dress up in and all at the quirky Night Yard in Canterbury where once the cattle snoozed at night. It was amazing. They wanted to create a wedding where almost ever detail they had a hand in so it was uniquely personal to them and they succeeded. It was simply beautiful.

bride and groom standing in an apple blossom orchard, groom weras a bright blue jacket, bride wears a calf length cream silk dressPIN


‘Thank you so much for being part of our scheming and capturing us and our wedding weekend so beautifully. All your enthusiasm, generosity hard work were super appreciated. We feel very lucky to have found our perfect photographer and will treasure our photos for many many years to come. Thank you.’

Love from Michelle and John xxxx

Bride photographed through a window with trees reflected in her hairPINWomen with towel round her head applies make-up reflected in the mirrorPINWoman with bright blue eyes has her here done by hairdresserPINFour red shoes on the stone floorPINBride shares a moment with bridesmaid while bride has hair donePINBright with bright blue eyes drinking from a wineglass and pulling a funny face to the cameraPINSitting in the living room bridesmaids cheer as bride shows her wedding dressPINExcited brides claps as she has her wedding that dress onPINBrides mother hugs the bridePINClose-up of bride lit by window lightPINBig wooden J and M signe outside the night yard CanterburyPINBride and groom Lego figuresPINWedding cake wedding guests in the backgroundPINBride and her father wait before ceremony pulling silly faces at each otherPINCeremony shot outside at the night yard showing wooden handbuilt chapel and balloon canopyPINGreat and groom hug after ceremonyPINOutside ceremony guests laughing under balloon canopyPINClose-up of wedding guests ring and holding a glass of beerPINLittle boy dressed as a monster runs across grass away from his mumPINnewlyweds cheer standing inside a handmade wooden chapelPINOutdoor ceremony guests wait to throw confettiPINNewlyweds showered in confetti by guestsPINOutdoor ceremony newlyweds cheerPINnewlyweds at an outdoor ceremony covered in confetti kissPINClose-up of brides wedding ring as she holds flowersPINGroom and new mother-in-law have a laugh in an outdoor ceremonyPINman down on grass covered pallets with his girlfriend wearing a blue scarf smiling at himPINThree men playgroups and bottles that an outdoor weddingPINWedding guest play jenga up as it collapses at an outdoor weddingPINMan in blue jacket girl in wedding dress stand in blossom orchardPINClose-up shot of back of brides dress in a blossom orchardPINClose-up and blue eyed bride holding her flowers in a blossom orchardPINbride and groom standing at the side of a ramshackle blue shed pulling faces at the cameraPINMartin Bluejacket woman in fur jacket laughing by a tatty blue shedPINWide shot of man in blue jacket and woman in wedding dress standing by a blue shedPINMan in blue jacket lifts his bride in the area in the courtyardPINClose-up of man in blue jacket standing in a farmyard laughingPINgroom and his two best men standing in a farmyardPINA bride and her bridesmaids looking out of broken windows and a blue shedPINBride and groom smile as they do their speeches in wooden chapelPINGuests sitting outside at a wedding ceremony say cheers with their cups and glassesPINbrides mum in a purple dress lifts her arma and she cheers to the cameraPINA man and his two best men hugPINWedding guests smiling at an outdoor ceremonyPINWedding guests laugh at speeches taking place outdoorsPINa wedding guest holding a Basil pizzaPINJazz musicians framed through a couple of peoplePINYoung woman and old woman sit inside getting warm and smiling with cups of teaPINMan wearing blonde fancy dress wigPINphotograph of four people wearing fancy dress wigs outsidePIN2 women walk across the grass one dressed up as a beer bottlePINbride in fur stole and groom in a blue jacket stand apart on a farm trackPINBride and groom hug on a farm track and smilePINGoom kisses bride on cheek outside with trees behindPINBride and groom in a blue jacket pretend to dance in a muddy fieldPINBride and groom in Blue jacket kiss in a muddy fieldPINAs bride sits down male wedding guest hugs herPINFarmyard animals decorations on a tablePINA little boy looks up at the bar while a lady sleeps in her chairPINWedding guest wearing a top hat and false moustache laughingPINBest man with a beard and glasses delivering his speech from wooden chapel outsidePINa bar man surrounded by paper pom-poms pulls a pint and laughsPINOld lady cups the face of a red haired man outsidePINA balloon canopy photographed against the blue night skyPINFireworks in the skyPINClose-up of guitar neck black-and-white photograph man playing guitar in distancePINWedding guests order drinks at an outside bar at nightPINBride kisses her Gran on the forehead her gran smilesPINWedding guest dress in a big blonde wig with big white glasses at nightPINWedding guest dress up as criminals with guns and Batman costumePINRed haired man with gold jacket eating a hamburgerPINWedding guests gathered around a fire outdoors at nightPINWedding guest in blue blue top holding a pint of beer pointing at the cameraPINWedding guests in scary clown mask raises a bottle of beerPINWedding guest at night under a balloon canopy holding a big pretend gunPIN


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