Engagement Photography

Lauren & Phil’s Engagement photography

in the epic graffiti world of Digbeth.




‘Oh my God. They are frikkin AWESOME!!!! We’re so happy! Thanks a million.’

Lauren (& Phil)



couple hugging by a big plastic hedgePINlow down black and white shot of couple hugging in a streetPINcouple hugging against a graffit wallPINcouple share a joke by a beautiful coloured wallPINLauren and phil hugging by a colourful wallPINman lifts up his fiance in to the airPINcouple standing apart under a railway archPINcouple mess around and laugh under a railway archPINclose up of man with fiance behind himPINpretty blonde haired girl leaning against a blue wallPINpretty blonde haired girl leaning against a blue wallPINneagtive sapce shot of girl leaning against a blue and white garage wallPINpretty blonde haired girl leaning against a wall looking along a streetPINman leaning against a blue wallPINman leaning against a blue wall shot from abovePINdigbeth street scene with train in the distancePINclose up portrait of engaged couple by a black and white graffitied housePINblack and white shot of couple standing close to a graffiti covred housePINmodern engagement shot taken in Digbeth by a graffiti covered housePINgirl in an orange coat with her head resting against her fiancesPINcrop of girl in orange jacket and boyfriend with tattooed armsPINgirl pulling a silly face at her boyfriend next to a balck and white wallPINhead to head engagement shot of girl in orange coat and man in grey t shirtPINcouple hug and laugh by a black and white wallPINcouple photographed huggingt through a cars side windowPINcouple photographed over the edge of a car kissingPINoverhead shot of couple sitting on the groundPINpretty girl in orange coat sits on the ground hugging her boyfriendPINclose up of couples shoes as they sit on the groundPINcouple share a joke as they sit on the ground leaning against a black and white wallPINcouple sitting on the ground in a streetPINgirl in orange coat kisses her fiances armPINpretty blue eyed girl looks up at her boyfriend smilingPINclose up of couple sitting on the ground sharing a jokePINgirl in black and white stripy top hugged by fiancePINgirl in black and white stripy top laughs as fiance hugs herPINblack and white shot of couple embracing in a streetPINengagement pictures set side by sidePINcouple standing sereratly by railway archesPINclose up of couples legs walking down the road in a city streetPINthe wind catches a girls hair and scarf with fiance leaning against a wall behind herPINgirl in an orange coat standing in the middle of the road with her fiance leaning against a wall behindPINgirl laughs and wind rushes through her hairPINman turns round and looks at his fiance who is leaning against a wall laughingPINPRE-WEDDING_PHOTOGRAPHY_DIGBETH-047PINman turens to look at his fiance whoPINman standing in a road while girlfriend in an orange coat leans against wall behindPINman looks up a street as girlfriend stands behind playing with her hairPINcouple stand apart on a city street both look to the groundPIN

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If like me you really don’t like being photographed the day of your wedding isn’t the best time to start learning how to strut your stuff for the camera. Engagement photography is a brilliant way to get you used to being photographed then on your wedding day you’ll feel like you, the camera and me are all best mates. It’s a blast. We take pictures and we chat. We laugh lots too. Also being engaged is a really special time so you’ll be creating some fun, memorable images for wall portraits, your wedding signing book, guest signature board and Thank You cards. Shot early enough, you’ll have awesome images for your Save the Date cards and invitations too.

How about something different? Fancy an alternative engagement shoot; cooking lunch at home; go karting; assailing down a cliff; running across sand dunes in Norfolk. You name it we can try it!



For frikkin awesome alternative engagement photography….Call me!

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